In this release, we have worked on the following features-

  1. Improved predictive writing model (Using fine-tuned GPT models)
  2. Larger Essay dataset (3276 essays)
  3. Grammar Error Correction (Using T5 models)
  4. Paraphrasing feature (To convert a sentence into a sentence with similar meaning)
  5. Improved UI
  6. Text Statistics (To rank your essay in respect to other essays in our dataset).

Please stay tuned for our V0.03 release in which we will include

  1. Show & Tell indicator (Using regex operations on ‘tell’ red flags)
  2. Brainstorming templates (5 templates)
  3. Improved predictive writing model (using GPT controlling algorithms)
  4. Larger Essay dataset (7000 essays)
  5. Social media Login (to allow users to quickly sign up on our platform)
  6. Database integration (to allow users to save their data on our portal)

Stay tuned for future releases @ www.admissionessay.us.

Find out more @ www.textify.ai.

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