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Textify offers a wide range of AI tools for FREE.

We are like the  Netflix of AI tools.

Once subscribed to our AI membership, users can use popular text-based AI tools such as Summarizer, Grammar checker, Essay writer, and others, from a single point access.

In addition to this, Textify also offers access to an exclusive community of AI enthusiasts and developers.

Sign up for your AI membership here!

“One of the best startups in India…”
Top 50 Teams,
K-Startup Grand Challenge
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2nd Place,
A Big Think 2022
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Semi Finalists,  Eureka 2021
Asia’s Largest Business Model Competition
2nd Place
Virtual Entrepreneurship fest 

The market for AI solutions is estimated to reach $1 Trillion by 2029.

Moreover, the market is expected to grow at a mind-boggling cumulative growth of 47%.

This is definitely the right time to invest in AI technologies.

Textify’s AI tools have vast applications in Education, Business productivity and Healthcare.

Find out more about investment opportunities here.

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Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing all aspects of our lives.

Find out how a partnership with Textify can keep ahead of tech trends, and help you save time and efforts.

We treasure all our B2B connections and are actively looking for individuals and businesses with similar aspirations and values as ourselves.  

Textify’s AI Membership gives you access to powerful AI tools for FREE

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