Our Team

We are a diverse team of AI engineers, Web developers and Marketing strategists.
We are spread all across India and the globe and work 24/7 to build language technologies that you will truly love.

Chirag Jain


CP Jain

Managing Director

Varun Sharma

NLP Engineer

Rishabh Anand

Back-end Developer


Front-end Developer

Nidhir Bhavsar

NLP Engineer

Animesh Das

Front-end Developer

Harsha S

NLP Engineer

Aman Sahu

Front-end Developer

Bharadwaj Vedula

Data Science Engineer

Rachita Nayar

Content Creator

Akriti Dhingra

Content Creator

Kshitij Chouhan

Administrative Assistant

Tazmin Bill

UX Advisor

Drew Barile

Marketing Advisor

Sooji Lee

NLP Advisor