Clippy AI (VS Code Extension) is a simple wrapper around OpenAI Codex. It allows you to […]
A seamless add-on to your existing terminal, Fig integrates with the most popular terminals, shells & […]
CodeAssist (for Intellij) is an AI assistant / chatbot / copilot for programming. It generates or […]
Code faster with the help of AI. Generate code just by typing a text description. AI […]
Write Syntax, Comments, and Tests. Faster. Easier. Better. AskCodi is made keeping in mind the needs […]
No-Code Business Automation. Cheat layer solves impossible business automation problems using a combination of no-code tools […]
CodeGeeX is a large-scale multilingual code generation model with 13 billion parameters, pre-trained on a large […]
AI coding assistant for busy programmers. Solve any programming or engineering problem with A.I in seconds
BlackBox AI is a AI powered coding assistant so you can code 10x faster. It enables […]
Kodezi is the AI developer tool assistant that auto-corrects your code. Improve your code instantly using […]
Automatically generate code for any Arduino compatible board with a single click. Let AI do the […]
Sketch is an AI code-writing assistant for pandas users that understands the context of your data, […]
Get answers from your data in seconds. Lookup is the AI-powered analytics platform that helps you […]
Your AI pair programmer. GitHub Copilot uses the OpenAI Codex to suggest code and entire functions […]

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