Text to speech is an assistive technology that is also known as “read-aloud” technology. It can convert Word documents, books, and articles into speech. This tool lets you convert your text into a realistic voice. Text-to-Speech is used in gaming, audiobooks,  helping children who face difficulty in learning, and voiceovers.

TTS provides a high-fidelity TTS and lets you select your favorite voice for your project. TTS has human voices and some computer-generated voices. It allows you to set the voice of your project in male and female accents. You can also able to create your unique voice to represent your brand. This article will discuss the Amazon Polly text-to-speech alternative and reviews. 

Amazon Polly Text-to-speech

Amazon Polly TTS develops high-quality, naturally sounding voices in different languages. You just have to put the data in the text bar of Amazon Polly TTS. It synchronizes the data and converts it into your selected voice. It allows you to download your text to voice file into the format that suits you. It offers real-time text to speech generation. This tool can read aloud any document that you want. Its advanced features are listed below. 

Main features 

  • Get 5 million characters per month free.
  • A free and paid version of this TTS is available.
  • Convert your text to voice in a few seconds.
  • It supports all types of operating systems.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.

Amazon Polly text-to-speech alternative

Every tool has advantages as well as some drawbacks. Amazon Polly TTS also has advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it gives a neural and unrealistic voice. It is too expensive to purchase. These are some reasons to move towards an alternative to this tool. Here is the best alternative tool to Amazon Polly TTS that fulfills users’ needs and persuades them.


If you are looking for the fastest online tool that converts your text into a natural-sounding voice so you can use Textospeech.net. It is a web-based tool that offers you 140 languages and 300+ voices. You just have to put your text in this tool’s text bar, and the text is converted into audio. This TTS has numerous features that allow you to convert your TTS quickly. Some other factors set this tool apart from Amazon Polly TTS.

Main features

  • It provides unlimited voiceovers.
  • It supports all devices and operating systems.
  • It allows you to download your file in different formats.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • 140+ languages and 300+ voices.
  • Upto 12k characters per clip. 
  • Free and premium versions are available.
  • It is an enhanced editing tool. 


Text to speech is valuable in businesses, gaming, voiceovers, and audiobooks. It has numerous features and converts text data into a high-quality voice. Amazon Polly TTS is a good tool, but Textospeech is the best. It lets you convert your text into 140+ languages with male and female voices. You can use this tool for free. If you want more enhanced features, its premium version is also available.

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