There are certain things that are bringing a positive change in the world. The role of a mobile app development company in Los Angeles is remarkable and can’t be expressed in words. 

Yes, you read it right. A mobile app development firm is responsible for creating eye-catching digital solutions and bringing in a positive change in the universe. 

With the advent of different technologies and ‌ remarkable innovative resolutions, it’s necessary for almost all app developers to invest in modernized technologies and increase their knowledge. 

If you are well aware of the trends, and know how AR and VR is making a change in the digital world, it’s easier for you to draft solutions with a trending technology throughout. 

But no worries, we are here to the rescue! Our team of expert app developers will help you learn about the importance of AR technology in improving the Ecommerce and other retail marketing domains. 

You know what? More than 80% of the sales are done online using Ecommerce marketing practices, and now it’s the right time to invest in retail marketing rather than opening physical stores and getting the things done. 

Key Reasons

Whenever you look up for a product, there are certain things that one look for like’

  • Is the product available with ‌ adjustable pricing? 
  • Are you comfortable using the product? 
  • What will be the price for the product?
  • Does the product have a good review point from the clients?
  • Is the product durable enough to avail it for a longer run?
  • What are the key practices necessary for utilizing that product? 

These are the few questions that one should ask before they make any online purchase from an Ecommerce store. 

Anyhow, we would love to help you with the advent of AR technology in Ecommerce domain.

Sounds great.. 

Interesting Points About Ecommerce Stores 

In this section, we are going to explore the interesting points related to Ecommerce stores and how customers are invested in online marketing and online purchasing rather than visiting the stores themselves. 

  1. 46% of online shoppers are counting social media as a core place for deciding whether they wish to purchase something or not. 
  2. 56 percent of ‌ Facebook users purchased the article after viewing it in ‌ Facebook groups or marketplaces. 
  3. Polyvore has a largest average order value reaching up to $66.75 dollars in total per order.
  4. Posts with photos are most likely to get 53% of likes, whereas 104% are intended to get comments and the remaining 84% to get a higher click-through rate. 
  5. Online shoppers in the 31 to 44 and 55 to 65 age groups spend time money shopping with a total of 68%.
  6. Online shoppers spend between $1,200 and $1,300 on purchases made over the Internet each year.

These are a few of the interesting statistics related to Ecommerce stores and online shopping, along with online shoppers behavior. 

Ecommerce Facts About Shopify 

Are you aware of the Shopify platform for building an Ecommerce store? Here you go with the statistics:

  • Over 1.75 million businesses ‌globally use Shopify as a platform for development.
  • Back in 2022, Shopify merchants will have over 500 million buyers in total. 
  • In 2021, Shopify will process around 79 billion order values.
  • The United States accounts for more than 50% of the total Shopify merchants working for the Ecommerce stores.

How AR Technology Can Improve Ecommerce Stores and Online Retail Market?

An AR app development company has the ability to create immersive and interactive shopping experiences for ‌customers, addressing all the limitations of ‌traditional online shopping. 

AR technology enables them to boost buyers’ confidence, and increases the customer engagement with influencer marketing, and other marketing techniques. 

AR Technology basically helps ‌shoppers to attract new audiences, and bring digital products into the real environment. They can visualize themselves with that specific product by trying out the dresses, and turning those into real-time experiences. 

VR shopping, on the other hand, offers a completely different and immersive experience. It allows the customers to enter into the virtual world with their own avatar and other amazing features.

Augmented Reality for Shoes and Clothing

For instance, imagine you are visiting a store for clothing and want to purchase anything from it. What will you do with a dress? You will definitely try it out, but what if you are making the purchase online? 

For online shoppers, they should allow the customers to visualize themselves with the shoes and clothes and then make a final purchase. 

Therefore, with AR technology, you can enable the customers to try out the shoes and clothes online for a more personalized shopping experience. 

It will be done, most likely to increase the sales, and get the best results for the comfort and utmost feasibility of the customers. 

Augmented Reality for Jewelry

If you are making an online purchase with AR technology, you can easily try out the jewelry and see how it’s looking on you. 

If you feel that the jewelry piece is a perfect one for the overall look, then bingo, you’ve successfully got one for yourself. 

A lot of online jewelry stores are now integrating AR technology into their Ecommerce stores. This allows the customers to get a more personalized and amazing experience.

Mobile app development company will make it easier for you to get AR technology integrated within the Ecommerce store.

Augmented Reality for Glasses

Lastly, if we talk about Augmented reality for glasses then, retail marketing is taking huge revenue by integrating AR into the Ecommerce stores. 

Customers can choose the right pair of glasses for themselves by trying it out virtually. They can also see how different frames suit them or go with their face cuts. This is not the only thing that one can do with AR.  

Augmented Reality for Furniture

Lastly, we are targeting those people who are fond of purchasing furniture for themselves, and seeing if that   piece fits in their space or not. 

Before making any filthy purchase, it’s necessary for the customers to use Augmented Reality to solve the furniture customization and categorization,   allowing them to check the piece virtually being placed on that corner.  

Wrapping Up – AR is the future of the tech world

And we are done for the day. We hope you enjoyed learning about the different use cases related to AR technology in the Ecommerce and retail market. 

It’s all about visualization and giving the customers an ever lasting and memorable experience. However, if you still have some queries in mind then, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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