Rewriting article manually can take significant effort. A better way to deal with this is using an efficient article rewriter.

Content marketing has gained significant attention lately. Most digital marketers consider it an essential part of their overall marketing strategy. Recently collected statistics also back the aforementioned statement as 70% of B2C and 73% of B2B marketers add content marketing to their marketing strategies as a fundamental element. While multiple types of content are used in content marketing campaigns, long-form content still holds significant importance.

The use of long-form content in marketing campaigns saw a huge increase of 42% this year. 

Long-form content having a word count of 900 to 1200 is more likely to get backlinks and attract traffic than comparatively shorter content. Content marketing, especially blogging, can generate greater return on investment (ROI) while being more budget-friendly and effective. The demand for long-form content over the web has also seen a huge increase lately. 

Netizens expect frequent publications from their favorite brands and blogs. While it can be highly beneficial for brands and blogs, it is also challenging for them to articulate fresh content swiftly. You can’t always have fresh ideas to work on. So what is the solution to this problem? The answer is repurposing old content. However, you can’t simply republish exactly the same articles or blog posts. This practice will damage the reputation of your brand or blog. 

Manual rewriting of already existing content while ensuring perfection can take more or equal time to the process of writing content from scratch. Moreover, you can’t discard the chances of various issues emerging in the content that can affect its quality significantly. A better way to deal with such a scenario is using an efficient article rewriter. However, most business owners, bloggers, and digital marketers don’t know how to get the most out of such a tool. 

This article substantially answers all the confusion and misconceptions in your mind. Read on to learn more.

1. Rewriting Content Quickly

As mentioned earlier, rewriting article manually to repurpose content can take significant effort and time. You may spend more or equal time manually rewriting content to what is needed to write content from scratch. On the other hand, a sentence rephraser is equipped with an efficient AI algorithm and an extensive synonym library sufficient enough to give the existing content a new shape with different wordings but similar meanings. 

Such a tool will understand the contextual meaning of the entire content before rewriting it and replacing prominent words with equally meaningful synonyms. Not only that, it will also use alternate voices and change sentence structure when necessary. You can also use an efficient rewriting tool to generate multiple copies from a single draft, as the tool offers multiple spinning modes. Every spinning mode uses different techniques to rewrite content using new wording while keeping the meaning similar.

2. Improving Grammar

When it comes to the quality of content, the first thing judged in content is the use of grammar. 

The content will look more meaningful if it is written according to grammar rules. The targeted audience will also understand easily. Conversely, if there are grammar issues in the content, readers may need help understanding the meaning of the content and eventually give up the idea of reading it. Hence, impeccable use of grammar check is a must to ensure high-quality content.

An efficient rewording tool can ensure proper grammar while rewriting content, which wasn’t possible a few years ago. However, nowadays, such a tool comes equipped with a highly efficient AI algorithm capable of understanding grammar and using it properly while rewording a given piece of content. Such an algorithm follows proper grammar rules while altering voices and changing sentence structures to ensure meaningful rewritten write-ups.

3. Ensuring Uniqueness

Another requirement regarding high-quality content is its uniqueness. Content featuring plagiarized patches or phrases fails to tick the boxes needed to ensure quality. Rewriting content manually also leads to plagiarism sometimes. However, an article spinner with an AI algorithm and an extensive synonym library won’t include plagiarized phrases while rewriting content. It will use totally different wording, sentence structure, and voices to ensure unique content.

Even if you try to generate various copies from a single draft using multiple spinning modes offered by a sentence rephraser, there will be no duplication. The resultant content achieved by using each mode will be different from others. Hence, you can put your trust in an article rewriter and use it to create high-quality content quickly and easily without spending extra money or hiring additional resources to fulfill the demands of your targeted audience. 


Creating high-quality content to cater to the demands of the targeted audience is challenging. You don’t always have fresh ideas to work on. However, repurposing content can help you fulfill the demands of readers who want frequent content. Rewriting content manually is not a feasible approach. You can take the help of an efficient article spinner for this purpose. We have discussed how such a tool will help you make it possible. Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this article! 

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