Devi is a productivity tool that saves businesses 60+ hours a month in manually browsing social […]
Magical’s AI Meeting Builder is a powerful suite of three tools built on the latest advanced […]
Meet Arvin, the all-in-one AI resume and cover letter writer, AI writing tool for crafting captivating […]
Use the power of artificial intelligence and reply to any email. Give Mailr the intention (goal […]
Cmd J
Supercharge your productivity by using ChatGPT on any tab without hassle of copy-pasting with our easy-to-use […]
Sheldon AI
Sheldon is an AI powered virtual assistant for all your tasks on the internet. It can […]
A Chrome Extension that uses AI to generate flashcards (with questions and answers) for any article […]
Synthesys X
Synthesys X analyzes objects and patterns in any picture you come across and generate new images […]
Arcwise AI
Your AI Copilot for Spreadsheets, powered by ChatGPT! Just press Cmd+Shift+1 / Ctrl+Shift+1 🤔 Ask questions […]
VoiceType is a Chrome browser extension that appears when you hit Compose or Reply in your […]
TextCortex AI
Hyper charge your writing wherever you need it in your browser. Write better, faster, from everywhere […]

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