Content detectors are the talk of the town with the buzz of machine-generated content all over the internet. Artificial intelligence technology plays a pivotal role here. 

While there are a lot of benefits of Artificial intelligence technology, it has also made the presence of machine-generated content quite common. Therefore, it is becoming more and more challenging to look for authentic and original content. is the ultimate tool to determine the authenticity of the content. This content detector uses advanced algorithms and a machine learning system to analyze a given text.

In this article, we will review this AI content detector and see what makes one of the best content detectors on the internet. 

An Overview of uses an advanced algorithm to determine whether the written content is human-written or machine-generated. It is one of the free AI content detectors. 

The results are accurate and claim to easily detect the content generated by popular AI text generators such as ChatGPT,,, and 

The question is, how does it catch the AI content?

There are combinations of techniques and approaches that make it possible for to spot AI-generated content. 

  • Perplexity Score: First of all, when you feed written content, it does a quick perplexity check. A high perplexity score means how well the content detector can predict the next word. 

Perplexity score can range from 10-100. Therefore, if the score is higher that means the written content is more likely to be machine-generated. 

  • Burstiness Score: Secondly, does a burstiness check on the given content. Burstiness means the difference in the length of sentences. AI-generated content often writes sentences with the same length and structure.
  • N-grams: Lastly, the n-grams model determines the repetitiveness of any letter, word, or base pair. If the text contains the same word or a letter after a certain sentence, then the text is likely to be written by a machine.  

What Makes it the Best AI Content Detector?

Here are some of the reasons that make the best content detector. 

✔This AI detector can detect the content generated by the most popular AI text generators. It can spot the text written by ChatGPT,,, and

✔ uses Advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to make accurate detection. 

✔It usually occurs when the text closely resembles the AI-associated writing style or some part of the text is written by AI text generators and another is written by a human. 

✔ ️There is no word limit for checking the text. You can check long articles, and research papers, and students can check their thesis very easily. 

✔The results are swift. The final report is ready and shows the authorship of the content as soon as you hit the ‘Detect GPTZero’ button. 

✔ ️The tool is completely free of cost. You do not pay anything to use 

✔ offers an AI to the human converter as well along with the AI detector. 

How to Use is usually reliable at detecting AI-generated content in terms of accuracy. It possesses a high level of accuracy in correctly identifying such content, averaging around 90%.

AI detectors sometimes may wrongly classify human-written content as AI-generated. But this can happen almost with every content detector. 

Using is straightforward. It is browser-based, so no local installation is needed. Simply open a website in your preferred browser and you’re all set.

Start detecting the text following these steps. 

  1. Access the detector through a browser.
  2. Paste desired text for verification. Here we checked the text generated by ChatGPT 3.5 to see if it detects it correctly. 
  1. Initiate the analysis by clicking the ‘Detect GPTZero’ button.
  2. Obtain your result within seconds.

As it is evident from the screenshot the red highlighted text is AI-generated. So is quite accurate in its detection. AI to Human Converter is not just an AI detection tool. If the text is red-flagged and detectable by AI content detectors, there is the option of bypassing it. It helps you get rid of the nuances that make it easy for content detectors to catch it. 

For example, AI to the human converter by will remove those repetitive words and phrases and make it impossible for other content detectors to spot them.

Conclusion is a reliable web-based online AI content detector. The tool is designed to make the content detection process smooth and effortless. It uses advanced algorithms that make it subpar with other top-ranked AI content detectors. 

Furthermore, the free-of-cost availability and unlimited word count should be enough to convince you that it is the best AI content detector for written content. 

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