GPT95 is a VSCode extension powered by ChatGPT AI, designed to enhance coding capabilities.

Key features and advantages include:

  • AI-generated code: Produces code with contextual awareness from user prompts
  • Code optimization: Improves code quality, readability, and performance by identifying and addressing bottlenecks and errors
  • Natural language explanations: Helps users understand complex code and generates documentation effortlessly
  • Flexible pricing: Offers monthly or yearly plans for students and developers, with a 3-day free trial

Use cases for GPT95 cater to various coding professionals:

  • Developers seeking AI assistance for code generation, debugging, and refactoring
  • Students aiming to improve their understanding of complex code and documentation
  • Teams looking to optimize code quality and readability for better collaboration

Overall, GPT95 provides a user-friendly, secure, and private solution for enhancing coding capabilities with AI technology.

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