Movmi is a free AI-powered human motion capture software designed for 3D animators.

Key features and advantages include:

  • No suit or hardware required: Captures humanoid motion from 2D media data (image, video)
  • Cloud-based processing: Eliminates the need for high-end devices and supports any camera
  • Multiple humans and armatures: Works with various scenes and rig types
  • Movmi Store: Offers a collection of full-textured characters and animations for use in projects
  • Flexible memberships: Choose from different features based on your needs

Use cases for Movmi are ideal for various professionals:

  • 3D animators seeking an efficient way to capture human motion without specialized hardware
  • Motion developers looking to save time with pre-built character animations
  • Content creators aiming to enhance their projects with high-quality 3D animations

Overall, Movmi provides a revolutionary solution for capturing human motion, simplifying the process for 3D animators and motion developers.

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