Ojamu is an AI and blockchain-powered platform offering intelligent solutions for brands to optimize digital strategies in the Web 3.0 economy.

Key features and advantages include:

  • B2B Intelligence Platform: Automates organic product marketing and generates new revenue streams in NFT, blockchain gaming, and metaverse ecosystems
  • B2C Alpha Finder: AI-driven chatbot providing real-time data and insights on cryptocurrency topics from Web2 and Web3 social channels
  • Web3 Revenue Streams: Predicts optimal product placement, correlates Web2 and Web3 user insights, and offers Web3 trend predictions

Use cases for Ojamu cater to various industries:

  • Brands seeking to optimize digital strategies and succeed in the Web 3.0 economy
  • Individual users looking for in-depth insights on cutting-edge cryptocurrency topics
  • Blockchain companies aiming to leverage real-time data for product placement and user acquisition

Trusted by various blockchain companies and founders, Ojamu unlocks the potential of Web3 with its AI-driven solutions.

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