and Quillbot both are AI-based rephrasing tools, Due to their popularity and competitive features, users mostly get confused when choosing one of them. To eliminate this confusion we compiled this article focused on their comparison.

In this post, we’ll hold a competition between the tools by mentioning the most prominent features of each. Before delving into the features of each we’ll discuss the overview of both. 

Quillbot – A Brief Overview

Quillbot features

Quillbot is an artificial intelligence-based online tool that is used by professionals and students to cut their writing time. It rephrases the original content to come up with new words, clarified and top-notch content. 

One of its key features is effectively rephrasing the content. It produces changed versions of the words, sentences, paragraphs, or complete text inputted by users while keeping the original sense preserved. The tool is freemium (i.e. available in both free and premium versions).

Useful Features of Quillbot

The rephrasing tools have a number of features but here we’re going to discuss the most prominent and useful of them.

1. Multiple Modes

Quillbot supports multiple modes. It is one of the bright features of the tool. It provides nine  modes that are Standard, Fluency, Custom, Shorter, Expand, Simple, Creative, Formal, and Academic. Every mode provides a unique output. Users can utilize them to change the tone and style of their content pieces. All the modes are unlocked for the premium version but only two for the free version.

Let’s demonstrate one of the modes of quillbot.

We uploaded a text and set the “Fluency”. After rephrasing with a particular mode, we got output with a fluent tone. 

As seen in the below image;

Quillbot features

2. Multilingual

One of the most prominent features of Quillbot is to support multiple languages. It can rephrase content of more than twenty languages. This feature makes it a globally used rephrasing tool.

3. Manage Synonyms Frequency

One unique feature of the tool is to manage the frequency of synonyms in the output. For this, it provides a slide with which you can make the changes more or less during rephrasing. However, this feature is not available in

Here’s the demonstration;

Quillbot features

Paraphraser – A Brief Overview

Paraphraser features is also an advanced AI-established rephrasing tool. The paraphraser is used to rephrase essays, paragraphs, and sentences in an accurate manner utilizing the state-of-the-art technology. It is handy to work for the following purposes;

  • Reduce or save time during writing.
  • Magnify the clarity as well as the meaning of the content.
  • Transform the plagiarised content into a unique form.
  • Convert AI content into human written form.

Like Quillbot, it is also available in free as well as premium versions. Its free version can support a maximum of 600 words. On the other hand, the free version of Quillbot can support only 125 words.

Cutting Edge Features of

There are a number of features available for this tool. But here we are concerned with only the cutting-edge features that make it a competitive tool against Quillbot. 

1. Multiple Modes

Like Quillbot it also supports more than one mode. It has a total of six modes. Unlike Quillbot, its free version has three unlocked modes (i.e. Words Changer). Moreover, all the modes are usable in the premium version.

2. Integration of Other Tools has integration with three more tools that are;

  • Grammar Checker: To detect and eliminate grammar errors.
  • Check Plagiarism: To detect the plagiarised text pieces in the content.
  • Summarizer: Used to create summaries and extract the key information from content. 

This feature of the tool makes it a complete package for the users. So, they can make all the necessary changes in the content on the same platform as these tools are accessible with just a single click.

Let’s see them;

On the contrary, Quillbot doesn’t have integration with such useful writing tools.

3. The Android App provides its users with the easiness of rephrasing their content on mobile phones. For this, it has built an Android App for users. They can freely download it from the “Play Store.

On the contrary, if we look at Quillbot, it has not developed an Android app yet. So, to rephrase every time users will have to go to its main website. Besides these two websites, you can use rewording tool as well. You’ll find it as the best alternative to these sites as it helps you paraphrase, check grammar, plagiarism, AI writing and readability. VS Quillbot – Detailed Comparison Table

Modes in Free VersionTwo Modes ❎FluencyStandardThree Modes ✔️FluencyStandard
AvailabilityFreemium i.e. in both free and Premium ✅Available in both free and Premium ✔️
Word Count Limit for Free Version125  words count for the free version. ❎600 words count for the free version.  
Android AppNot Available ❎Available ✔️
Integration of Other ToolsNo Tools are Integrated
Three tools are integrated;Grammar checkerCheck PlagSummarizer ✔️


Both the rephrasing tools are competitive and well-known. To come up with the best one among them was a hard nut to crack. However, based on the above-mentioned distinctive features of each and their direct comparison between them, we concluded that is the best tool in most aspects.

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