The Prospre meal planning app makes it easy to create nutrition-focused meal plans. Their automatic meal plan generator was designed to create custom meal plans for any macro goals. This means you can tailor our meal planner to whatever requirements you have for your diet.

They also support fully personalized meal plans, by allowing the user to pick exactly what they do and don’t want to eat. And since actually sticking to your diet plan can be one of the hardest parts, Prospre has a food diary for you to track everything you eat.


  • Meal Plan Creator: Instantly create personalized meal plans that match your calorie and macro goals. Generate a meal plan for the whole week, and swap out the days or meals you don’t like to make the plan perfect for you.
  • Macro Tracker: Track everything you eat. Use our barcode scanner to find what you ate, or scan them into our database using Prospre’s nutrition fact scanner. Our database tracks over 150 nutrients for 300,000+ food items.
  • Fit in Treats: Choose “Fit Into Plan” to automatically adjust your plan to fit in a treat while still hitting your macros. Prospre meal plans are flexible, so you can always adjust your diet plan to be sure you enjoy what you eat.
  • Personalized Meal Plans: Customize your meal plan. Pick the recipes that you want in your diet plan, or even add your own. You can also schedule meals that you eat often, input your allergies, and set ranges for your macros.
  • Automatic Grocery Lists: Get a grocery list with everything you need to follow your meal plan. Auto-fill your cart with Amazon Fresh, or take your list to the store with you. The grocery lists can also be printed off for maximum convenience.
  • AI Coach Suggestions: The AI Coach will help you reach your goal on time. It will analyze your weight and the foods you ate to provide suggestions to keep you on track. For best results, track your weight and food every day.

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