Spectrum review:

Choosing the right telecommunication provider surely can be more difficult than one thinks. 

What plan is right for you?

Which one fits your budget?

Which provider is available near you?

All of these can be tricky, as one provider fitting your budget wouldn’t be servicing your area, or the one connected to your location wouldn’t be such a budget-friendly option. 

In all this misery of yours, Spectrum comes forward as quite a convenient option. No, we are not shooting arrows in the air, we come here with proof of why Spectrum is nothing less than an excellent choice as a telecom service provider. 

Keep reading to find out everything about the service provider, and the reasons why Spectrum makes the right choice for your home. 

Spectrum Availability

Let’s start from the basics. Is Spectrum available in your area? The provider services 41 states in America, so let’s find out if your location is also on the list.

New HampshireNew YorkNorth CarolinaKansasTexas
ConnecticutNew MexicoOhioSouth CarolinaLouisiana
New JerseyIdahoIllinoisKentuckyMaine
TexasVirginiaMichiganWest VirginiaWisconsin

Did you find your state in the list above? We hope you did! This is quite an elaborate footprint that Spectrum has. It is quite hard to beat several other providers. This is surely one of the reasons for it being one of the best. 

Now, if you have spotted your location, it is time to move forward and find out what other reasons make Spectrum a great choice.

The Uber-Fast Spectrum Internet

Everything has become quite reliant on the internet. Be it our work routines, or education – the internet plays an integral role. Now imagine if you have turtle-speed internet. Your page takes forever to load. Or worse – you have been streaming on a poor pixelated screen. 

These are the things of the past now. Nobody wants to see the buffer wheel anymore. Hence, what makes Spectrum the right choice? 

The highest plan offered by Spectrum goes up to 1 Gbps. That is 1000 Mbps! You cannot take this lightly. Do you know what is unlocked at the speed of 1 Gig? Here is what you can do now!

  • Streaming content in 4K resolution
  • Engaging in immersive media content
  • Seamless remote working
  • Fast cloud storage and backups

However, it is important to note that 1 Gigs speeds are ideal for households with multiple device connections. If you are living alone, or not more than two people, then the lowest plan by Spectrum offering 300 Mbps would suffice you just fine. With the added layer of Advanced WiFi protection for your network security, it is hard to turn away.

Hey, we are not done here. All Spectrum Internet plans come with unlimited data! Your browsing experience doesn’t need to surrender to the data walls. So, say goodbye to extra data charges!

A Premium Spectrum Cable Service

Spectrum does not only take the cake when it comes to the internet service, but the provider’s cable TV service is something to drool over. 


Well, the option of 150+ HD channels, with up to 85,000 on-demand titles is surely something to talk about. Oh, and do take into consideration the availability of premium add-on content like SHOWTIME, STARZ, Max, and much more. 

Even the specialized Spectrum mi plan Latino for customers of Hispanic descent caters to diversity with amazing content options. 

The all-rounder Spectrum App is nothing less than a showstopper. Who says you can only connect to live cable TV only at home? With Spectrum TV App, you have your live TV with you on the go! It feels like breaking a stereotype, doesn’t it?

Break the Shackles with Spectrum $500 Buy-Out Plan

Are you currently stuck with your telecom provider all thanks to a shady contract you signed? It is no fault of yours. If you are done with the subpar service and wish to switch to the ultimate telecom provider, Spectrum, then you can opt for the Buy-Out plan.

How does it work?

It’s simple. If your current telecom provider is charging anything within the bracket of $500 as an early termination charge for breaking the contract, Spectrum will do the honors for you. They will take care of this unfair burden on you and make the process of switching to Spectrum a breeze.

Is Spectrum Worth Your Money?

For us, Spectrum has to be the clear choice (if available in your area). With no data caps, no contractual obligations, and the stellar yet affordable plans to choose from, it wouldn’t be a wise decision to not opt for the service. 

So, we recommend you get your Spectrum service if you have not already!

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