Plagiarism detected in your content? Well, you have landed in the right place; in this article, we will discuss the six most authentic and fool-proof ways to help you remove plagiarism from your content.

Plagiarism refers to stealing someone’s work and presenting it as one’s own. This can bring many consequences, including loss of reputation, dismissal or expulsion, and even loss of a license or qualification. 

Most writers today use advanced plagiarism checker tools to scan their drafts to eliminate any unwanted traces of duplication/similarities. Finding plagiarism has undoubtedly become easy, but it is still a complicated process for most. 

Out of dozens of different ways, we have discussed in detail the six proven ways in this article. 

How to Remove Plagiarism from Content Without Wasting Any Time?

Let us investigate the expert-suggested ways to remove plagiarism from your content within less than minutes. 

1. Use Quotation Marks Where Required

One of the common reasons behind the accusation of plagiarism is the use of excessive quotes from other authors. Marking quotes with proper quotation marks is the best way to show the reader that the marked phrases or sentence belongs to another author.

It will put you out from the accusation of plagiarism. By seeing the quotes in your content, the reader can also know that you have done your research and have successfully presented the work and point of view of others.

Here, however, we suggest writers not to add excessive quotes as it can damage your authority. 

2. Use Quotation Marks Where Required

Adding quotes is not enough if you want to remove plagiarism and not face any negative consequences. You have to cite and reference every source from which you borrowed information.

You must cite the reference sources, especially if you are writing a research paper or an academic document. Having in-text citations and references at the end of your document can save you a lot from plagiarism in your content. 

3. Try Using a Different Structure and Tone

Sometimes, having the same structure and headlines as your reference sources can also get you into the accusation of plagiarism. If your work has been rejected because it is similar to other sources, it is best to change the structure altogether.

You can change the tone of your content by replacing active voice sentences with passive ones. You can also change the order of headings/subheadings to give your content a completely different look.

4. Add Personal Value to Your Content 

You have to consciously attempt to give your personal perspective on the topic instead of simply repurposing or stating other people’s work in your own words. When you give your opinion, make arguments, and write content using your vocabulary, you can easily create unique content and prevent excessive plagiarism. 

To add personal value, you must spend time reading multiple sources and do ample research work. Once you have collected enough information, you can easily explain it in your own words and give a unique perspective. 

5. Use Plagiarism Checker and Remove Duplicates

You can always use an AI-free plagiarism checker to find plagiarism content in your drafts. Modern plagiarism scanner tools would give you the percentage of similar content and highlight it in color.

The easiest approach to remove plagiarism from your content is to delete the highlighted content and add more if you want to meet a certain word count requirement.

6. Use the Paraphrasing Technique to Repurpose Duplicates

You can also paraphrase plagiarized text in your own words or use different words to remove plagiarism. Paraphrasing duplicate text manually can be hectic, so you can also get help from modern AI-powered paraphrasing tools.

An AI paraphrasing tool is a cloud-based utility that uses advanced technologies, including machine learning and natural language processing, to paraphrase plagiarized text in different words. 

There are many online paraphrase tools that can help you remove plagiarism from your content, but here we have mentioned the one that doesn’t only remove plagiarism but also enhances the quality of your write-up while retaining the human touch. | Best Plagiarism Remover for Writers

If you have checked plagiarism and have found more than you can remove manually, you can always get help from, as this site offers one of the most intelligent plagiarism remover tools for content writers, students, researchers, and all others related to the writing fraternity.

The tool is so popular, and this is all because it can easily remove duplication and recreate 100% unique content within seconds. 

All you have to do is upload the plagiarized text in the respective field/input box of the tool, complete the security captcha, and hit the “Remove Plagiarism” button. The tool would analyze the input text and understand its main ideas and context of it.

On the basis of its understanding, the tool would rewrite the text using different words and phrases and with a new sentence structure. The paraphrased content generated by this tool would be free of plagiarism and all kinds of human errors.

The best thing about this tool is that it uses AI, so the results it creates are always close to that of a human writer. To ensure originality, you can also check for plagiarism in the output text. 


In this guide, we have discussed in detail the six different methods to remove plagiarism from your content. You must know that even the most expert writers can end up having plagiarism in their work. This is why it is important for all writers to follow these expert tips and ensure originality in their work.

Manually fighting plagiarism can take a lot of your time and effort. Therefore, you can also employ the services of the best AI rephraser tools like the one we mentioned. By using these tools, you can get duplicate content rewritten in the most unique style and tone! 

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