With billions of worldwide users, social media has taken a spotlight in all our lives. In fact, it has been widely used by business owners to increase their brand’s visibility and promote their products. If you are one of them and ready to hone in your social media strategy for business success, then social media SEO can be a game-changer for you!

This growing number of active users on social media channels and integrated efforts of SEO and social media provides a huge opportunity to businesses to amplify their online visibility and drive more traffic to their website.

Want to leverage the power of social media to engage with a massive online audience? Check out this post till the end to know how you can boost your SEO and social media strategy for your business. 

Here we will discuss some tips which might help in expanding your business reach. But before that, let’s see whether social media impacts SEO.

Does Social Media Impacts SEO?

Though SEO and social media both are considered as separate entities of inbound marketing, they can together be used for enhancing each other’s search results. Search engines do not conventionally consider social signals as a ranking factor, however there is a proof that social media affect SEO.

This is because when your site attracts a lot of traffic, search engines notice your site and consider your brand as relevant and credible. So, for boosting your website’s traffic, you can share some click-worthy content on your social media account.

In fact, it has been noticed that many social media signals notify search engines regarding the integrity of the site.

10 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips for Search Engine Optimization

If you want to rule and stay on top of the SERP game, then implementing a social media strategy will not help enough. You need to perform social media SEO to reach millions of people within a short span. Want to enhance your brand’s presence on social media platforms?

Go through the top 10 tried and tested tips mentioned here that will help you supercharge your social media marketing strategy.

1. Master Keyword Research and Strategy

While formulating a successful SEO strategy, it is vital to do keyword research. By getting an idea of what exactly users search, you can easily research and find some keyword ideas that match the search intent of the users.

You can use different paid and free tools to conduct keyword research and find some relevant keywords. By incorporating these keywords on social media sites and blog posts, you can create a strong social media presence and drive traffic to your web page’s search rankings.

The keyword strategy that you use on your website content should also be implemented in your social SEO strategies to gain more visibility on search engines.

2. Adding Social Sharing Buttons on your Website

Social signals play an immensely dominant role in search engine rankings. In fact, these signals have proved to be a powerful tool for businesses for expanding their online reach.

In fact, incorporating social sharing buttons on websites encourages the visitors to share your content widely on different social media platforms. If they find something interesting and worth sharing, they can easily share them on social media. This means they are endorsing it to their followers, thus increasing user’s engagement with your website and visitors will perceive your brand as more trustworthy.

This increases the users’ chances of returning to the same website in future, thus increasing your website’s online visibility and boosting search engine rankings.

3. Optimize your Social Media Profile

Optimizing your social media account is considered one of the most important social media metrics to optimize your search traffic. You can do so by including website links in your social media profiles.

You can also include author bios in your blogs and articles that are directly linked to your social media profiles and tag them while posting any new piece of content. Apart from sharing social media links, another way that you can try to boost your social media profile is by encouraging positive mentions about your brand.

This can be done through sharing customized posts and engaging content on social media platforms.

4. Treat Every Social Media Platforms Differently

All social media platforms are not equal and you must keep this in mind while creating a social media marketing strategy. Every platform comes with its unique features and advantages and caters to individual sets of audiences.

Like, LinkedIn is much preferable for B2B professionals while platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are ideally suited for promoting any fashion brand.

Additionally, different social media channels even have different ideal timings for posting content. So, you should treat them individually! Therefore, formulating a successful social media strategy for your business requires identifying the most suitable time and frequency for posting content on that particular social media platform.

For example, the ideal timing for posting on Facebook ranges between 1 to 3 pm. While for Twitter, this varies between 12 to 3 pm in noon. Similar to this, the posting frequency also varies for different platforms. Like, for Facebook, it is limited to 1 to 2 posts a day, while for Twitter you can post upto 5 times a day.

Even there are various social media marketing plans available that includes services for some specific platforms depending upon your industry and target audience. It is recommended to choose the one that aligns with your audience and purpose.

5. Increase Engagement with Audiences

Engagement is one of the top factors to focus on while conducting social media SEO. So, try to engage more and more people with your posts. The more people engage with your posts, the more likely they will be taking an interest in your business. This social media engagement might also lead to higher conversion rates in the long run.

You can do so by running a contest or a giveaway on social media. Here is how to do so:

  • Set your specific social media goals that you want to accomplish through this contest.
  • Choose your preferred social media channel for hosting the contest and decide the deadline when it will end.
  • Now, formulate the contest by keeping in mind the demographics of your audience. It can be in the form of votes or quiz contests. This will help to encourage user generated content as you can ask your audience to post their pictures along with your products.

At last, promote the content wherever it is possible to boost your engagement, followers and gain more ranking in Google search results.

6. Promote your Brand by Showcasing its Human Aspects

While you are busy enhancing your brand recognition, there is a possibility that you are just focussing on your service offerings. In the meantime, you might neglect focussing on the human aspect of your business. This includes your company’s work culture, employee satisfaction, etc.

But one of the best ways of promoting your brand on social media is by highlighting the human face of your business. You can do so by spinning up stories related to your brand or around it. It will be different from that of a sales pitch demonstrating your business values and cultures and defining what your brand truly stands for.

Sharing stories from time to time will build trust among your audience and they will be able to connect with your brand. Through some short videos, posts, or images, you can also share some behind-the-scenes showcasing some team-building activities, festival celebrations, CSR activities, etc.

You can also share some employee testimonials on your social media profiles exhibiting how your organization has helped employees in achieving their work-life balance, and professional goals. 

7. Decide your Posting Schedule Beforehand

Every social platform has a different audience that remains most active at distinct times of the day. So, it is best to target your potential customers at that very time by posting relevant content on that platform.

If you want to maintain consistency in posting content across different social profiles at different times, then the easiest way is to decide your posting schedule beforehand. This will guarantee consistency in the distribution of content across different platforms.

You can even leverage Google Analytics to identify the most optimal time to reach your target audience. Analyzing this will help you in posting content at the time when they are most active.

8. Streamline your Productivity by Using the Right Tools

Managing the social media activities of your brand manually can be quite difficult and time-consuming for everyone, even if you are a social media manager of a business. This is mainly because you might have to posts for at least 2-3 times a day and manage a minimum of 5 to 6 social media pages on a daily basis.

This is where you can take the help of popular social media management tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. Using the right tools will not just simplify some monotonous tasks like scheduling posts and automating replies but it will also save your time for other important tasks.

These tools can also help you with monitoring and analyzing your brand’s social media presence and performance from time to time. In this way, it becomes easier for you to keep track of your competitors/brand. 

However, getting premium access to all these tools might be costly. So, you can hire reputed social media marketing company for getting valuable insights on your brand’s presence on social media. In fact, they have experts who will tweak your social media marketing strategy according to your business goals. Thus, they will help you in staying ahead in the social game and enhances your brand’s reach.

9. Share High-quality, Visually Attractive Content

In comparison to written text, people find visual content to be more appealing- be it images, photos, infographics, or videos. So, while performing social media SEO, you should focus on creating attention-grabbing visual and valuable content for your audience.

For crafting high-quality illustrations and stunning visuals for your social media posts, you can use various tools like Picktochart, PicMonkey, Canva, etc. You can also upload some pre-recorded or live videos conveying your brand’s message. Live videos are considered as the most engaging content forms as it allows your brand to connect with your audience showcasing its human aspects.

Thus, by posting high-quality visual elements on your business’s social media profile, you can easily enhance your social media presence. This social media strategy will also help your brand gain higher exposure than your competitors.

10. Don’t Forget to Promote the Content that you have Shared

Promoting the content on social media is an essential part of social media SEO. When you promote your social media content with relevant keywords and hashtags, you are going beyond organic traffic to reach your target audience. You can do so in various ways.

You can run ads and cross-promote your content across different social platforms. Moreover, you can even collaborate with businesses and influencers for growth and mutual promotional efforts. In this way, you can also tap into your competitor’s audiences and reach new followers.

Even you can lead your subscribers to your social channels and leverage e-mail marketing to gain more organic visibility. Thus, you can’t neglect to promote your business across various channels, being an indispensable part of your social media marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Social media platforms offer a wide range of targeting options and this makes it easier for brands to promote their products on social media. This has led to an increase in the demand among business owners for generating a high number of leads and improving sales.

When you leverage social media strategies effectively, it helps in creating a winning strategy for your business. So, by implementing the tips mentioned above, you can seamlessly propel your social media efforts to new heights. 

Get ready to supercharge your online presence by implementing these 10 tips to your social media strategy and watch your traffic soar!

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