Among the AI-powered writing tools, Surfer has the potential to greatly reduce your time spent on content design. This tool may be used to create both detailed reports and concise summaries for blog posts.

You can quickly boost your search engine rankings, get ideas for new material by crawling the web, and put out posts that are optimised for search engines with the help of its capabilities.

Copying and pasting from it into your content management system (CMS) is hassle-free thanks to its document editor. Their document editor already includes all the HTML tags, so you just need to prepare your content once.

It may serve as both a guide for future writing and an actual writing instrument. An AI outline, complete with section headings and body paragraphs, may be made with its help. Editors of published content might use it as a source of inspiration and structure for their own writing. The Keyword Surfer add-on for Google Chrome allows you to search the web for specific phrases. A monthly fee of $49 gets you started on the basic plan.