AI ( Artificial intelligence) is assisting in various fields. Nowadays,  deficient fields and sectors are using AI for their assistance. Through AI various issues are resolved, it provides quality work, and most important, it manages time.

As with other fields, AI is improving rapidly in the sector of education too. The use of different AI tools made teachers and students capable to create unique ideas. As it’s a great issue for students to create unique and quality work. If you’re a student and worried about managing time and improving your instinct. Then you’re at the right place. Here’s a list of top 5 AI tools for students to help them with homework, assignments and preparation for upcoming classes.

How AI is Changing Education

It’s normal to face students of different mindsets. Well, it’s natural. Teachers, spend a lot of time making students understand the topics or lectures. This is one of the great issues for educational security. Although they came across different variants, yet failed to resolve this issue.

Now with the help of AI, this issue is resolved. AI had completely changed the scenario. Its different variants are used for different purposes. Thus AI is completely changing the education system. From assisting teachers and professors to guiding students, AI is all in one.  AI tools are serving students for different purposes.

5 AI Tools to Help Students Learn

There are different AI tools used to assist in different purposes. 


Nowadays subjects are much more complex and difficult. Students suffer a lot from summarising complex topics. They surf around the internet in search of the summary generator.

Now this search is over. As AI generated Summarising tool is available at your door. Students just need to copy and paste their content online. This AI summarizer summarises your complex topics into congested paragraphs. It’s a quality figure point that highlights the main points. Keeping in view the text, summarising tool thoroughly reads the passage and summarises it. 


  • Saves and manages the time of students.
  • Improves comprehensive abilities.
  • Enhances learning abilities by providing variants.
  • Easy to use.
  1.  Chat GPT

ChatGPT is one of the most popular and easy-to-use AI tools. It was created by Open AI. One of the most practical and handy AI. Although the internet is full of various AI Chat GPT is different from them. It’s one of the most user-friendly AI available in the market, providing you assistance in any question theory, or research.

Are you a student searching through the web to gain information?

Well Chat GPT is here. Assisting you within different fields and in variant languages. Now all the information is accessible through one single click. Just provide it with the question and it will write answers for you. Well, it demands internet access and provides valid and latest information regarding your questions. 

As a student, you can prevail and benefit from it.


  • Makes you more productive and generates unique ideas.
  • Makes you creative, and generates creative thoughts.
  • Enhances learning capabilities.
  • Assists in studies.
  1. Grammarly

As a student, sometimes you suffer from grammatical errors. 

Annoyed because of grammar errors? 

Want your words Grammarly correct?

Well, students like you are always in search of sites to correct grammar. Well, this AI is for you. Just sign in and create an account. Now you can copy and paste your answers here, let them be checked by Grammarly. It will thoroughly check your words. providing you with the most suitable words. 


  • Improves grammar and deducts spelling mistakes.
  • Improves the clarity of text and makes it easy to understand.
  • Makes your presenting style even better.
  • Identifies unique content,
  • Easy to use and helps manage time.
  1. Knewton

Due to AI the way of learning had changed a lot. In the past, all of us were taught the same. All were taught and treated in the same way. But today AI had revolutionalized learning skills. This is a modern platform where students can learn and perform. AI-generated texts are basic and understandable.

So to improve the learning better learning opportunities and ideas, Knewton provides students with modern and basic knowledge. Includes personalized learning experience for each student. It works by first recognizing a student’s weaknesses and strengths, For this, it creates a diagnostic quiz. Then its results are used to create personalized charts for assisting, as well as to overcome weaknesses.


As Knewton contains personalized learning platforms. And is capable to overcome students weaknesses. It had various advantages.

  • Helps to understand and learn effectively
  • Personalized learning motivates students.
  • Makes students productive and develops skills to develop critical thinking capabilities.
  • Last but not least, improves time management skills.
  1. Speechify

Speechify is based on the TTS app, it is created to read aloud text. This may include PDFs; articles, books, websites, and even emails ie providing you ease. It’s a good app for students as it assists in reading aloud books articles etc. It’s available on both mobile and desktop apps. Another advantage for students is that this app uses OCR technology that converts physical books or printed text pages into audio. This is handy for students, as once you take a photo of a paper you want to read aloud, and it’s read aloud for you.

It’s still a relatively new app, emerging among students. Yet it’s gaining popularity quickly. This app is already available on iOS and Android, and you can also access it through web portals. Speechify is likely to gain popularity among students, as more people become aware of its benefits.


It has numerous advantages for people as well as for students…

  • It helps students who have dyslexia or other reading issues.
  • It’s handy to use.
  • Saves time in reading aloud text.

Assisting in Personalized Learning (AI tools)

Just like other professions, the assistance of AI can be advantageous. As a student, you can use AI for personalized learning. Use AI tools to regenerate your ideas, make them unique, and generate quality work. It can assist you to obtain improved grades and smart intellect. 

Using AI tools for personalized plans, note-taking, and assistance in exam preparation. This will be proved as one of the best use of the internet for you. Except for suffering from failure, you can take advantage of AI for improvement in your grades. 

Future of Education 

AI is the future!

You have heard this many times. Well, it’s true as it assists in every field, whether it’s in education or another field.

It enables students to achieve high grades, better understanding, and time management. As a student, time is of great importance to you. AI not only manages it but also provides quality products within it. 

Students and teachers, both can prevail over better opportunities using AI. 


Use AI tools to regenerate your ideas, make them unique, and generate quality work. It can assist you to obtain improved grades and smart intellect. Using AI tools for personalized plans, note-taking, and assistance in exam preparation. This will prove to be as one of the best use of the internet for you.

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