An online paraphrasing tool can be useful for anyone related to the writing fraternity. 

Today, you can find hundreds of online paraphrasing tools used by students, bloggers, professional writers, researchers, marketers, and others who want to improve their writing skills. 

The sad thing is that not all online paraphrase tools are dependable. 

Most of these tools would spin your wording with synonyms, making the draft artificial and difficult to read. 

Your hunt for the best and the most reliable paraphrasing tools ends today, as here in this article, we will discuss the five most credible utilities. 

We have tried and tested dozens of online tools over the past few months and have picked these five for the reasons mentioned below:

  • Free versions available
  • Various paraphrasing modes
  • AI-powered technologies
  • Human-like paraphrasing 
  • Plagiarism-Free outputs
  • Easy to use 
  • Universal compatibility

These are some of the major factors we considered while testing online paraphrase tools. 

The five tools we will discuss today are reliable and even used by expert content creators!

5 Powerful Paraphrasing Tools To Help You Write Better Content!


The is one of our favorites because it has an extremely simple interface that makes it easy to use. 

But being simple and easy to use doesn’t mean the results it generates are unreliable. 

You would be surprised to know that the text paraphrased by this tool is unique, error-free, and sounds natural as if written by a professional writer. 

A reader cannot identify that the content has been generated by a tool, not a human writer.

On this tool, you will find six different paraphrasing modes. 

The Creative, Plagiarism Remover, and Fluency phrasing modes are free. 

You can easily repurpose 250 words in going in the free modes. 

However, if you wish to paraphrase more or use the other modes (Formal, SEO, Academic), you would need to buy the paid version, which would cost you as low as $6.95!

The tool uses NLP and ML technology to analyze and write content. 

This is why the new content generated by the tool provides the same message/ideas as presented in the original draft but with a new perspective.

2. is the second best paraphrasing tool, in our opinion. 

The reason why we liked this tool so much is because of the qualitative results.

The content generated by this tool sounds more humane than the actual draft. 

If you want to rewrite your old drafts or have borrowed content from another source, you can easily get it revamped with this online paraphraser.

This web-based tool is also powered by artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, which enables it to create high-quality content. 

You will also find six different paraphrasing modes, the same as the previous one. 

Besides the variety of writing modes, you must also know that the tool works in more than 15 languages, including Spanish, French, Dutch, Turkish, Italian, etc. 

You can use this tool on any device without worrying about installation. 

You need a browser and stable connectivity to enjoy fast-speed paraphrasing. 


QuillBot is one of the high-end paraphrasing tools. 

It would not be wrong to say that this tool is one of the pioneers in this league. 

Over the years, QuillBot has improved and has gained a lot of popularity from users across the globe. 

Today, the tool is available and works in over thirty languages. 

The working of this tool is quite simple.

 All you need to do is paste the copied content in the input box of the tool, select the mode, and click the “Paraphrase” button. 

The tool would hardly take two to three seconds to understand and paraphrase your content in different words. 

Today, QuillBot is available in ten different modes. 

The standard and fluency modes are free without any limitations on the number of paraphrases you do. 

You can easily paraphrase up to 150 words in one go as many times as you want with QuillBot.

This is a reliable AI-powered tool for someone looking to repurpose small drafts for free. 

Other than the paraphraser, you will find many other writing-related tools on this site, including grammar checker, spell checker, plagiarism checker, etc.


If you are looking for a straightforward and convenient paraphrasing solution, you can check out the! 

This AI-powered tool is also based online, so you can use it on any device you want as long as you have a browser. 

You can paraphrase up to 500 words for free with this online tool. 

You can directly paste text in the input box of the tool, type it, or upload complete document files in the input box. 

The tool would first analyze and pick main ideas from your input draft and explain them in different words and phrases.

This tool is best for newbie webmasters, non-native writers, seo experts, students, researchers, and copywriters, as they can easily learn how to paraphrase content correctly.


This is a very interesting paraphrasing suite, so we have kept it in the end. 

This paraphrase online tool is available in four different modes, which are all available for free. 

You can use the word changer mode to spin complex words in your drafts with the most suitable synonyms, the sentence rephraser mode to change sentences entirely, and the text improver mode to improve your content’s overall quality and presentation.

If you want high-quality, improved, unique, and sensible content, try this AI tool’s “Paraphrase Text” mode. 

You must select the mode you want to use, enter the text in the input box, and tap the “Paraphrase” button. 

The tool would paraphrase your text within a flash!

The tool works in English, Dutch, Spanish, etc. 


This article briefly discusses some of the best online paraphrasing tools available in the digital market. 

You can use all these tools for different purposes, including improving the quality of your drafts, removing duplication/similarities, or simply repurposing your old drafts or content that you have borrowed from other sources. 

An important point you need to note is that even though these paraphrasing tools can get you unique and quality results, it is still important that you manually proofread them and make amendments if required before you use the text commercially. 

To know more about these tools, visit them so that you can make the right choice.

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