Nowadays, it is hard to imagine modern education without technology. Different tools, software, and gadgets are widely used to make the academic burden of learners much easier. Thus, students can use various kinds of best free writing tools.

They offer various kinds of learning benefits. Some of them fulfill various functions instead of you, while others control them. A lot of useful apps provide smart writing and editing tips, detect mistakes, show good examples, and something of the kind. So, it really makes sense to use at least some types of learning apps. This informative review highlights the best 9 best writing tools of 2023 that can be used for free by every student.

1. CustomWritings Essay Generator

We guess modern users know that the use of artificial intelligence to write essays, blog posts, and even customer reviews is quite popular. Users apply chatbots that use smart AI to cover all kinds of topics and issues. Thus, we recommend Essay Generator created by

It is a smart and fast AI-based writing tool. It helps to craft readable and convincing texts in a few minutes. You can easily navigate through it. Check the menu and mention the next essentials:

  • Topic
  • Subject
  • Short description
  • Number of pages
  • Number of sources

Click the button “Generate” and wait for about a couple of minutes. The smart tool will generate a perfect text that can be used for your learning purposes without shame.

2. Grammarly

If you need to handle grammar properly, use Grammarly. This is the best app in its niche for many years in a row. It offers a wide range of functions. The most crucial one is the possibility of detecting grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Besides, it provides tips on the correct use of words and style. It underlies the mistakes and offers corrections. You only need to click on them to let the tool correct everything in your stead.

It can be integrated with your browser and Microsoft Word. It works with there is an online connection; however, an offline option is available, too. Mind that it can be likewise used as a plagiarism checker, which makes it even more attractive for users.

3. HubSpot

In case you have a problem with choosing relevant topics for your academic papers, use HubSpot. It is a simple but resourceful topic generator. The tool helps to get 15–20 ideas per concept. Just specify 2–3 words you need to see in the topic and let the tool make the miracle. It will offer the most relevant word combinations to provide you with a rich and vivid choice.

4. Wordtune

The most important, though the smallest, part of every academic paper is surely a thesis statement. It is its heart, and this single sentence must be written appropriately. Therefore, wordtune helps to craft clear and convincing thesis statements. Just write a few words and see what it suggests. The choice will be vivid. Select the most suitable variant and impress your readers.


It is vital to have a good plan to organize your writing process and keep all the essentials in front of you. Thus, you can use for this goal. It helps to generate smart ideas interactively to know what could be used in your text and how. You only need to write the main word or phrase. Afterward, add all the associations you have or ask the tool to assist you in this case.

6. The Hemingway Editor

Your text must be clear and readable. If you have problems with readability, The Hemingway Editor will help you a lot! It spots various drawbacks that lower the flow of the text. You may not even know that you made a mistake. The list of the mistakes it spots is as follows:

  • Parts that are hard to read and understand;
  • Too long sentences;
  • Inappropriate words;
  • Overuse of the passive voice;
  • Overuse of adverbs and adjectives;
  • The words that have simpler meanings, etc.

Every kind of mistake has its specific color. Thus, you will quickly memorize the mistakes the app shows before you press on them. Mind that it offers corrections for your mistakes, which is a huge advantage.

7. Evernote

The organization of the writing process is crucial for your speed and accuracy. Thus, this tool is a perfect organizer for any bust student who lacks time and discipline. It helps to:

  • Create a flexible schedule for any period – days, weeks, or months;
  • Set alarms and reminders;
  • Create tasks with descriptions;
  • Set deadlines;
  • Get organizational tips;
  • Take and share screenshots with other users.

You can use it on your cell phone. So, your smart assistant will always be at hand to help you never miss a single important event or academic task.

8. Scribrr Plagiarism Checker

Students should always keep an eye on the purity of their texts. So, you should use Scribrr Plagiarism Checker. It is a very useful and responsive tool. This checker scans the whole Internet, all the official documents, to find the slightest match with your text. If they are detected, it will underline them. Thus, you can undertake the necessary measures to make your text 100% authentic. It is based on famous software – Turnitin. It means you will surely get access to the biggest open-source databases that contain official documents from all subjects.


The paraphrase tool is an invaluable resource for students and writers. It assists in rephrasing and rewording text, helping users to express ideas in a unique way while retaining the original message. 

Whether you’re working on essays, research papers, or any other type of content, the paraphrase tool is a time-saving solution for enhancing the quality of your work.

This tool is particularly useful for avoiding plagiarism, as it can transform existing content into fresh, original compositions. It simplifies the process of rewriting complex sentences or passages, making it an essential companion for those striving to improve the clarity and uniqueness of their writing.

Bonus 1: Ludwig

It is vital to write clear and convincing sentences which can be easily understood and which don’t contain mistakes. It uses Google to define the most suitable sentences according to your aims and the topic of your essay. Thus, this is a unique app that searches sentences to help you write your own correctly and convincingly. 

Bonus 2: 

Students often struggle with accidental plagiarism which can lead to the rejection of an assignment or research paper. Therefore, a final check with a is always helpful. The tool makes sure your text is 100% original and unique. 

Powered by artificial intelligence, this plagiarism checker AI can instantly point out any duplicated sentences. You get the report that is downloadable and it gives you the plagiarized content in the form of a percentage. It also supports the word count of 25000 per check. The cost affordability is another plus point for students.


The use of technology in education is a very smart move. Thanks to different helpful learning apps, a student can handle all his or her assignments faster, more precisely, and effectively. Use all 9 apps we have highlighted in our review, and we promise that your learning will become much easier!

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