Aistote generates quiz to help study any subject. You upload the studied content and questions are […]
A Chrome Extension that uses AI to generate flashcards (with questions and answers) for any article […]
ResearchRabbit learns what you love and improves its recommendations! Keep up with the latest papers related […]
Create interactive lessons use polls, wordclouds, open questions, drawings and Q&A to capture the student voices. […]
CareerDekho is a free career discovery AI tool. Students & professionals can get AI powered career […]
Unschooler is AI-powered, personalized video courses that you can interact with and get feedback on. You […]
Connected Papers
Getting a visual overview of a field of research. You will be able to see at […]
To Teach AI
With the help of artificial intelligence, create personalized learning experiences for you and your class in […]
Soofy is an AI language-learning app that offers an innovative approach to mastering a new language. […]

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