Every day, you work with determination to manage your gym operations effectively. But it makes your routine as tough as not getting time for yourself. This is because manual management involves multiple tasks, such as scheduling classes and maintaining payment records. It is the time to shift your workload to advanced technology and let it manage your fitness business. Wellyx’s Crossfit gym management software accurately manages the major aspects of your business and saves operational costs.

Membership management

You do not need to manage loads of Excel sheets or endless paperwork to maintain your members’ records. Wellyx’s gym management software automates the process of membership management. It categorizes your members’ data according to their membership type, gender, date of enrollment, and age. In addition, you can easily see an individual member’s profile using the search functionalities. The software lets you track customers’ preferences by seeing their purchase history. In this way, you save time and effort and effectively make strategies to offer personalized services to their members.

Aim higher with effective lead management

 Each potential lead matters for the progress of your fitness business. However, responding manually to each lead in a timely manner is a great challenge, along with managing other tasks. Wellyx’s Crossfit gym management software enables you to nurture leads properly and professionally. The software allows you to set up follow-up responses and send them at a specific time. This way, the software maximizes conversion rates while increasing customer engagement.

Reach the needs of your customers

The Crossfit gym marketing software feature targeted marketing that allows you to target specific categories of customers. Using the software, you can check the buying trends of your customers and tailor your marketing efforts by seeing their behavior. Create segments of your target audience using the software’s database. Craft an email or automated message and collectively send it to your target audience. This way, you can promote customized packages and special classes to meet your customers’ needs.

Manage routine functions with mobile application

Use the mobile application to manage routine operations from anywhere without needing a physical presence in the gym. The Wellyx’s Crossfit gym management software allows you to manage schedules, process payments, track attendance records, and manage bookings from the mobile application. It eliminates the chances of errors and improves customer service. 

Modernize your gym business using advanced methods

Modernizing the style of your management is needed for your fitness business. It is about fulfilling the demands of your business to get a sustainable position in the market. Wellyx’s Crossfit gym management software distinguishes your health studio from your competitors. This is because the software also creates convenience for staff members and customers. It is all-in-one software that covers all major aspects of your fitness business.

Accepts standard payment methods and offers diversity

Offering a secure and standard payment method is one of the biggest challenges for studio owners to accept online payments. However, Wellyx’s Crossfit gym management software enables you to offer diversified, trustworthy payment methods. It creates convenience for your members and develops their trust. It is because the software allows you to accept payment through Stripe, PayTabs and GoCardless. In addition, you can accept payments through all kinds of debit and credit cards. Most importantly, it maintains the record of all transactions and notifies you about the members with pending dues.

Get complete control within gym premises

The Crossfit gym management software access control system enables you to set restrictions on specific areas of your gym. In addition, you can customize the access level of your staff members using the software. This feature allows you to enhance the security of your gym studio. 

Furthermore, you can enable your customers to check in and out from their mobile devices. This way, you can track their attendance record and ensure fair use of your gym facilities.

Synchronize schedule with Google Calendar

Synchronize the schedule with Google Calendar and keep all participants and staff members informed. The changes you make on the website appear on the calendar. Similarly, the calendar changes will occur on the website. In this way, you also create convenience for you and your members. 

Show care with effective waitlist management

The people who want to join the specific sessions of your gym but find it already booked. Save them from disappointment and enable them to reserve their slots using the waitlist management feature. Wellyx’s Crossfit gym management software sends them an automated notification when a slot becomes available. In this way, the software is pivotal in your business growth and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Inventory management

Inventory management is one of the crucial aspects of revenue generation and meeting customers’ expectations. But, along with several other routine tasks of the gym, managing inventory is a great challenge for studio owners. The CrossFit gym management software makes it easier for you and helps in effective inventory management.  It automatically updates your inventory when a product sells. These functions save your business from overstocking and product shortages.

Launch loyalty programs

Offering loyalty programs is an effective strategy to win customer retention. The Wellyx’s Crossfit gym management software enables you to provide and accurately manage loyalty programs. You can easily set the parameters for members, such as achieving an attendance milestone or a personal fitness goal. The software allows you to analyze the performance of each individual easily. You can track their performances to offer loyalty programs.

Train members with videos

The software allows you to store videos to help your customers in their workouts. In addition, it features scalability, which means it expands its storage capacity without losing quality. However, it is a great facility for your members to train themselves while watching videos. In addition, these videos help those customers who can not physically join the classes. 

Furthermore, customers can use specific filters to get a particular video. There is also an option to set a playlist to continue the rhythm of their exercise.

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