Crossfit Gym Management Software
Wellyx’s Crossfit Gym management software manages your inventory, helps in the target marketing and securely processes payments.
fitness studio software
Fitness studio software effectively reduces administrative burdens and enhances overall customer experience.
Mobile Health Apps
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the surge in mobile health applications (apps) is reshaping the dynamics of patient care and engagement.
AI Tools in Healthcare
The healthcare industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution, with the integration of cutting-edge […]
Hippocratic AI
Free search tool for peer-reviewed medical knowledge. It uses statpearls as the data source. It was […]
Glow AI
Introducing Glow AI, your personalized skincare solution. Our web app generates custom skincare routines tailored to […]
Lavo AI
Lavo Life Sciences is a VC-backed, early-stage startup developing software tools for drug development. We’re a […]
AI Doula
Get AI-powered support for your pregnancy and maternity journey with AI Doula. Personalized care, pregnancy health, […]
Ask Poppy
Meet Poppy – your bestie that actually texts back. Poppy meets you where you are. Whether […]

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