AI, or Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing that’s bringing revolution on a broader scale. Today, most of the population using the internet somehow use artificial intelligence to conduct their regular activities, or simplify their lives. Have you come across the term GPT4?

ChatGPT is one of the popular artificial intelligence solutions that’s currently on trend. People can get a lot of text-based solutions through a few clicks or inquiries on ChatGPT. Not only that, popular apps like Spotify, Netflix, Google Assistant, Waze use artificial intelligence to analyze human wants and provide solutions with utmost benefits. 

However, the AI market is waiting for a next-level AI solution named GPT4. Like the existing solutions – GPT3, GPT2, and GPT1, this updated AI solution would bring drastic changes in understanding human languages and provide similar solutions in a better way.

What Are The Possible Features Of GPT4?

As previously discussed, GPT4 is the next big installment in the advancement of artificial intelligence, to understand human intelligence and respond to human needs with having more contextual understanding. However, as GPT4 isn’t released yet, there are some would be features that’s people are expecting from GPT4 developers. Let see some of those features – 

GPT4 will be able to generate human like writing and text, with more depth than before. 

So, a next-level grammar, writing style and structure can be expected from the new model. Next-level means that the difference between ai developed text and human developed text will reduce. 

GPT4 will be able to provide more contextual text-based results. 

Yes, the makers of this AI solution have cleared that this upcoming level will be only text based. 

Contextual means, it can better understand the queries aksed by a user. Also, spelling and other mistakes while asking for results will reduce. 

It’ll be the same like Google search, like how it ends up providing the wanted results despite of making mistakes with the search term. 

The more data will be available to GPT4, the more it’ll become mistake proof and will be able to provide more contextual results. 

GPT4 will be more scalable than the previous solutions. So, more people will be able to get ai-generated results at the same time, with elevated usability and benefits. 

According to experts, GPT4 will use more efficient architecture and training pipeline, which will support this upcoming AI to become that better. 

Projects That GPT4 Will Be Able To Manage

Language Translator

GPT4 will work as a text transport, the ability to convert text from a language to another language. 

Text Summarization

Text Summarization is the ability to shorten long sized content, making it more concise, impactful and helping people to skim any content. 

Skimming is a daily part of today’s content readers, and you know how much you use it on a daily basis.

Tone Analysis

For content, copywriters and marketers, GPT4 will be a new and effective tool to analyze the tone and sentiment of a piece of content. Checking and improving the emotional structure of content will be done through GPT4. 

Other than these abilities, the AI solution will work as a caption generator, generating any human-like text and similar things.

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