GPTZero is an AI detection tool designed to identify AI-generated texts, specifically targeting educators and other users.

Key features and advantages include:

  • Plagiarism score: Provides a holistic score indicating the amount of AI-generated content in a document
  • Highlighted sentences: Identifies individual AI-generated sentences for easy detection
  • Batch uploads: Supports uploading multiple files at once, ideal for checking entire classrooms’ work
  • API integration: Seamless integration into organizational systems with customizable endpoints

Use cases for GPTZero cater to various educational environments:

  • Educators seeking to detect AI-generated content in student work
  • Organizations aiming to integrate AI text detection into their systems
  • Institutions looking to maintain academic integrity in the era of AI-generated content

With a growing user base and partnerships with organizations like K16 Solutions and Canvas, GPTZero is a reliable and constantly improving tool for detecting AI-generated text.

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