Praktika is an immersive language learning app that uses AI-powered avatars for interactive English conversation practice.

Key features and advantages include:

  • Conversation practice: Learn English through engaging conversations with AI avatars powered by Chat-GPT technology
  • Real-time feedback: Receive immediate and after-session feedback to improve language skills
  • Extensive content: Over 1000 lessons and characters to practice any topic, with 10,000+ minutes of unlimited practice
  • Progress tracking: Visualize improvement on a detailed curve towards fluency
  • Convenience: Available on Android and iOS platforms for on-the-go learning

Use cases for Praktika are ideal for various learners:

  • Language students seeking a fun and interactive way to practice speaking English
  • Busy professionals looking to improve their English skills at their own pace and schedule
  • Individuals aiming to overcome language barriers and seize new opportunities

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