Rephraser AI
Rephrase text using AI, with multiple options for the tone and style of the text. Also […]
AI powered book search engine. Search for the idea of a book, not just the keywords. […] is your AI podcast copilot. Get amazing recommendations, share your favorite clips, search inside podcasts, […]
ChatGPT For Search Engines
Access the ChatGPT language model directly from your search engine results to ask any question and […]
Your AI Copilot to decode any research paper. The quickest way to read and understand scientific […]
Byterat is a data platform for battery engineers that unlocks the full potential of battery testing […]
AlphaResearch provides an unparalleled AI-powered search engine for everything text. We scan through millions of global […]
Provides an interface to enable a conversation with a research paper. Enter a link to a […]
Wisio is an AI-powered platform for scientific writing, providing personalized suggestions for text, translate from any […]

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