A chatbot is an intelligently written program that has been designed to communicate with humans in a normal way. Earlier, chatbots could manage very simple conversations, but with the emergence of AI technology, chatbots have become more advanced than they were before. If you can’t believe it, look at these top 5 Al chatbots.

  • Verloop.io

Verloop.io addresses a major obstacle many businesses confront by using automation to untangle several consumer inquiries. Customers have changed the way to communicate with companies over the past years. It became very important for customers to get their queries answered instantly. This app also offers a multilingual chatbot that prevents any obstacles to come in the way of a flawless customer experience.

  • ManyChat

ManyChat offers simple and speedy Facebook messenger bots. This app is very beneficial for small businesses as it provides a free account with unlimited broadcasts, two sequences, and layers of customization. The paid subscription is from $10 per month (Can interact with 500 subscribers) to $145 per month ( Able to interact with 25,000 users)

  • Replika

Replika is one of the best AI chatbot apps to speak daily. If you feel lonely and have no one to share your emotions with, then this app is just for you with the availability of 24/7. This mobile app provides you to create your replika as well as allow you to write stories, play games, role-play, and much more 

  • Drift

Drift is one of the finest chatbot apps for your sales and customer success teams. You can design automated email campaigns with several triggers, such as those for churn prevention or customer onboarding.

It enables users to create and share personalised videos. You can also set up appointments with prospects instantly, view all of their contact information and  past conversations

  • Cleverbot

Cleverbot is a web-based AI chatbot that acquires things by having conversations with users. It was created in 1997 by Rollo Carpenter and has since initiated talking with more than 65 million people. This AI-powered app comes under the Top 5 AI chatbots app list.


In the time of ongoing technological growth, chatbot apps have shown to be a vital tool in every sector, confirming that conversational AI is unquestionably the future, regardless of the business it operates in.
Hopefully, there will likely be more lists of the top AI chatbot apps in the coming future. Stay updated with our blog section for more such information.