With the excessive use of AI in the commercial world, it also has the potential to revolutionize how we educate the next generation. It’s one of the best resources a classroom teacher can have, and it may relieve them of a lot of extra paperwork. Teachers will still have the opportunity to spend more time with their kids because of these technological advancements. Schools and teachers may choose from a wide variety of AI tools to meet their requirements and objectives in the classroom. Here’s a list of top AI tools for education.

Top 5 AI Tools for Education

There are a lot of cutting-edge businesses developing AI tools. Let’s look at the best 5 AI educational tools:

1. Altitude Learning

altitude learning
AI Tools for Education- Altitude Learning

Altitude Learning is an online platform that emphasizes student-centred education for professional development. There is a priority on teaching to the individual needs of each student. The primary focus is on empowering kids to study independently.

This AI tool enables educators to satisfy the requirements of each student with care, from the planning stage through monitoring their progress. Educators may assign work individually, in small or big or huge groups. This helps learners create their learning path with a mentor or instructor.

The application’s distinctive interface and evaluation structure improve each learner’s capacity to participate in self-directed learning.

Here are some of the best parts of Altitude Learning:

  • Self-directed learning facilitated by a “learner-centred” design
  • Experiential learning for students
  • One place where students and families can access curriculum, communicate, and monitor student progress.

2. Gradescope

AI Tools for Education- Gradescope
AI Tools for Education- Gradescope

Gradescope allows students to share comments and grades. This is a difficult procedure, but artificial intelligence tools for educational platforms may make it simple. 

The AI tool combines experience with ML and AI to help graders. By outsourcing, graders save time and energy. Then they can put all of their attention on teaching. 

Gradescope enables teachers to manage projects, mark online assignments, and administer paper-based examinations in one location. This assures fair grading and gives useful data on student needs and class trends.

Gradescope’s key features:

  • Grouping questions with and without help from AI
  • Time extensions for students
  • Automated grading using AI
  • Better productivity and equality

3. Knewton’s Alta

AI Tools for Education- Knewton
AI Tools for Education- Knewton

Knewton’s Alta is an AI tool for education that includes adaptive learning courseware for higher education that can be adjusted to students’ learning requirements. It’s designed to make students smarter while they do coursework.

There is no need to go elsewhere for course materials since Alta delivers everything from text to video to examples to tests. Additionally, one may find them in various courses across disciplines, including chemistry, economics, and statistics.

Some of Knewton’s Alta’s key characteristics:

  • The use of Adaptive Learning Technology
  • Individualized learning opportunities
  • Offers all course materials needed
  • Several courses

4. Knowji

AI Tools for Education- Knowji
AI Tools for Education- Knowji

Knowji is a research-based audio-visual vocabulary tool used by language learners. It takes learning to the next level by combining tried-and-true teaching methods with engaging new ideas and games. Each word’s progress is monitored, and a spaced repetition algorithm is used to forecast when users will likely forget the word. Learning in this way improves long-term retention.

Knowji’s primary features:

  • Aligning with Common Core
  • Various Methods of Instruction
  • Modifiable and customizable
  • Illustrations and sample phrases

5. Ivy Chatbot

AI Tools for Education- Ivy.ai
AI Tools for Education- Ivy.ai

Ivy Chatbot is an AI-powered chatbot suite developed with higher education in mind. They help with application paperwork, enrollment, tuition charges, deadlines, and other aspects of the university process. Ivy’s capacity to use data for strategic recruiting planning is also noteworthy.

Information on financial aid, including student loans, grants, and other forms of financial aid and other costs, may be made available to students using this AI tool. It may be used across departments owing to customized chatbots.

The main features of Ivy include the following:

  • There are Facebook, ERP, CRM, and SIS 
  • Live chat, SMS pushing 
  • Intelligently adapt to user input over time


BONUS: SciSpace Copilot

AI Tools for Education- SciSpace
AI Tools for Education- SciSpace

SciSpace Copilot is a powerful AI application that helps scientists and researchers traverse the massive scientific literature. The programme analyses scientific publications and extracts useful information using cutting-edge natural language processing algorithms, helping researchers rapidly find the most significant and relevant research papers in their area.

The main features of SciSpace Copilot are:

  • Choose complex language, numbers, or tables and receive an easy explanation.
  • Feel free to probe more and get prompt responses.
  • Unconventional search method for locating relevant documents
  1. TeacherBot.io

Teacherbot is an AI-powered online teaching tool that allows teachers to create resources for teaching students quickly and efficiently. With Teacherbot, teachers can create unique content that is tailored to their students’ needs. This tool makes it easy for teachers to be creative and deliver engaging lessons that will help their students succeed.

All you have to do is write out your prompt, and teacherbot creates it.

2. Quizgecko


Quizgecko is transforming the landscape of quiz and test creation through the utilization of AI, fundamentally altering text into queries, deeply rooted in cutting-edge educational principles.

They offer an ideal solution for crafting quizzes, evaluations, examinations, and tests. Whether you’re an educator, learner, or involved in the corporate sector, you’ll discover that the platform’s versatility caters to all needs. The capacity to export content, integrate it seamlessly, and effortlessly share the generated quizzes with a broader audience for online completion is a remarkable feature. Furthermore, obtaining detailed reports and statistical insights on the outcomes enhances the whole experience.

Leveraging this tool’s AI-integrated quiz generator is an uncomplicated process. The platform’s algorithms are finely tuned to produce credible distractors, sidestepping convoluted language or intricate grammar structures. This approach maintains an optimal balance between challenging complexity and manageable difficulty, thereby ensuring a well-rounded and unbiased assessment of learning.


The use of AI in the classroom has enormous potential to revolutionize education. Amazing AI tools for education may provide students extra help while allocating instructors’ time to focus on what’s essential. Check out our blog section for much information on AI tools.

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