AI email replies are here to stay! A completely new surge of ChatGPT-based Chrome extensions are now evolving to write them. In addition, replying to emails is a rational early stop on this “AI universal for everyone” train. After all, no one enjoys replying to email threads! Many people are guilty of allowing emails to pile up in their inboxes since they either do not have time or are skeptical of the replies. 

Understanding the Four Essential Criteria for Judging an AI-Based Email Reply Tool

Below are the four criteria used to evaluate these AI/ChatGPT email reply tools.

  • Will this tool save user time?

Each tool’s declared value proposition is that it will save the user time. However, does it ever happen? If users have to write elaborate prompts, execute the AI multiple times to get a possible answer and edit the output since the AI doesn’t get it right — have they saved time? No right. Hence people are now looking for a speedy tool that integrates seamlessly into the workflow. Generally nails its output the first time, and needs minimal prompting.

  • How are the user interface and user experience?

Do the Chrome extension’s controls or other components fit seamlessly into the Gmail interface? How effortless and intuitive is the tool to use? How many clicks will it take to get a reply?

  • What will it cost the user?

How is the pricing benchmark set up for the AI-based tool? Do users get a specific number of free uses per week or month, or is the tool entirely paid? If the tool is paid for, is it affordable? What are the other provisions if there’s a free plan? 

The 5 Best ChatGPT and AI Email Reply Chrome Extensions

Below are the top five best ChatGPT and AI Email Reply Chrome Extensions. 

  • Ellie: It is an easy-to-use and the most seamless AI and ChatGPT Email Reply Chrome Extension that comes with multiple features for user benefits. 
  • Compose AI: Compose AI is another top name with the largest current user base of over 50,000+ Chrome extension downloads, and its functionality expands past one-click email responses.
  • Remail: Remail is the perfect extension for one-line responses that help you save time by generating automatic responses. 
  • ChatGPT Writer: ChatGPT is one of the perfect extensions that allows you to compose much more extended responses than with many other AI reply tools, and the extension is fully free as of now.
  • Email Triager: Email Triager takes a distinct path to the idea of saving you time through AI email responses than the above tools and makes it easy for users to set up automation in advance.  

Final Words 

In a nutshell, things are moving quickly in the AI and ChatGPT domain, and you can expect to see more and more of these tools to come. In addition, you can expect some that will take unanticipated and different strategies to solve the concern of the time people spend replying to an email.

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