Textify has been accepted to the K-Startup Grand Challenge (KSGC), South Korea’s most powerful accelerator programme for international entrepreneurs, to develop its technology in the Asian market.

Textify is an AI and natural language processing (NLP) firm. It aids robots in better comprehending human languages. South Korea is strengthening its AI capabilities and aims to become a worldwide player in AI technology.

“South Korea has a plethora of expanding industries. This offer to fly to South Korea and meet with investors is a fantastic chance for us to develop our market and identify partners in Asia,” says Chirag Jain, CEO of Textify.

The artificial intelligence capabilities Textify offers have a wide range of applications, particularly in education, business productivity, and healthcare. In addition, we make fantastic language tools by combining AI and NLP technology.

Collegium is an artificial intelligence-driven writing tool that guides students in creating outstanding college application essays. Panini is a text processing tool driven by artificial intelligence. It allows users to read three times faster than they usually would. Finally, Einstein is one of our decision-making tools. It has been trained using data from real-life scenarios so that it may assist individuals in making better judgments.

We think it would be feasible for pupils to significantly increase the quality of their college entrance essays using technological development.

Almost all students submit an essay as part of their college application. Up to this point, a single person writes and revises the article throughout the process. There are many tools and strategies available to assist students in preparing and revising their essays. Nevertheless, there is no readily accessible technology that makes the process of writing an entrance essay simpler and more productive. Furthermore, our objective is to create a writing tool that will enable students to reclaim control of their writing process and, as a result, produce better essays.

About Textify

Textify is an artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) firm. Set up in 2021, the company aids robots in better comprehending human languages.

Our ultimate objective is to pave a new path for our company and provide new prospects for growth and productivity.

Our organisation strongly advocates artificial intelligence (AI). Additionally, it believes that AI will have several beneficial consequences on human civilisation in the future.

We place high importance on all of our business contacts. Also, we are always looking for people and companies who share goals and principles that are compatible with ours.

For more information, visit https://textify.ai/

About K-Startup Grand Challenge

The K-Startup Grand Challenge is a South Korean government-backed technology startup accelerator programme for international firms that host teams in Korea for a three-month programme with several financing options. This initiative is part of the South Korean government’s ambition to help entrepreneurs and startups improve and build South Korea’s Pangyo Techno Valley into a worldwide tech powerhouse for Asia. For more information, visit https://www.k-startupgc.org/.