If you’ve ever used a virtual assistant like Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, or Siri, you may be acquainted with speech/voice recognition and conversational AI algorithm. Speech recognition is a way of technology that enables users to speak and describe themselves to a machine. These AI apps have other uses than just listening to your favorite Spotify tune. Here, we will unveil the best speech recognition AI apps. 

List of top 5 speech recognition digital assistants 2022

Digital assistants are created to assist users with everyday tasks and provide clear explanations. By gaining access to information from massive databases and other internet sources, these AI apps assist in problem-solving in real-time, enhancing user productivity.

  1. Alexa- Top Speech Recognition AI App

The AI-based virtual assistant Alexa also referred to as Amazon Alexa, is a technology of the multinational company Amazon. It was examined with Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo dot smart speakers. However, it doesn’t support the iOS and Android platforms currently.

  1.  AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

 AV Diamond is a voice-changing tool, and It covers all widely used VoIP and instant messaging programs, like WhatsApp and Skype. You’ll be able to record audio streams from various applications. Any Windows operating system version can use it. This program is freely available for download, even though the full version costs $99.72.

  1. Amazon Transcribe

Speech recognition software named Amazon Transcribe is developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Natural language processing makes it simple to add speech-to-text functionality. You can take audio input, create transcripts that are simple to read and review, filter data to ensure client privacy, and modify it to improve accuracy. 

  1. Deepgram 

Deepgram features automatic speech recognition and real-time transcription using scale-optimized end-to-end deep learning. For results in a matter of weeks, businesses can use Deepgram either on its own or in conjunction with the rest of their current IT stack.  NVIDIA and Y Combinator startups both partnered with Deepgram and raised $ 17.4 million in revenue in October 2021.

  1. Converse Smartly

Converse Smartly is one of the best free speech-to-text  AI apps due to its advanced and reliable technology. Any audio stream, including the speech of staff meetings, presentations, interviews, and seminars, can be swiftly and correctly converted to text. It makes it possible for businesses and individuals to function more efficiently and accurately.


The market for speech recognition is growing fast. Nowadays, businesses are eager to increase employee productivity by automating manual processes like transcribing and document creation.

We have listed the best speech recognition software which are equipped with strong AI engines and smart algorithms so that businesses can use it in several ways while protecting their essential data with the proper privacy enforcement offered by these AI apps.