Artificial intelligence (AI) can assist you in understanding complex and dynamic stock market activity along with data processing and data classification easily. Now, AI stock trading apps are swiftly changing how individuals invest in the stock market conveniently. Here, we have compiled the top 5 AI stock trading apps revolutionizing the market globally. 

List of the best AI stock trading apps

The demand for AI trading tools will increase along with the expansion of the global digital trading sector. Here, we listed the top 5 AI stock trading apps for you:

  • TradeSpider

TradeSpider is an AI stock trading app that will assist you to create, test, and optimize your trading algorithm besides the automated trading techniques. This app is famous for its powerful algorithms, extensive capabilities, and customizable dashboard personalization. Due to its technical specifications and strategies, very less human involvement will be required.

  • Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is one of the most powerful AI stock trading app for trading and the stock market. It provides backtesting on previous data as well as real-time data and insights. Trade Ideas is an AI-powered Robo-advisor, and it employs artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the best trading scenarios.

  • Scanz

Scanz provides customers the ability to quickly scan the whole stock market, and know to be all in one market trading app. This AI stock trading app objective is to continuously transmit a stream of limitless real-time trade possibilities.

  • Auquan

Auquan offers asset managers and hedge funds. The AI stock trading app scans web data for news, lookahead bias, non-obvious associations, and other information that might influence investment decisions and lead to catastrophic losses. The time-saving machine learning technology finds chances before the competition.

  • Equbot 

Equbot is a brilliant AI stock trading app that makes use of IBM Watson to enable a powerful AI investment platform that facilitates users in making better decisions. Equbot’s ability to integrate data from ETFs and AI to process, and then to produce in-depth analytics and warnings, is one of its unique features.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an advanced technology that makes autonomous decisions. AI stock trading app are frequently employed in numerous trade applications where efficiency and quickness are necessary. AI apps have been trending globally as it can analyse data and reach thoughtful, impartial conclusions that are free from prejudice and human emotion. Furthermore, AI stock trading app can help you to save money in the long run.