Maigon solutions include document-specific contract review modules as well as contract type-agnostic API. All of Maigon […]
Superflows is an intelligent automation tool. It lets you focus on high value work by automating […]
Cogram automatically takes notes and identifies action items, and can sync key information to your CRM. […]
Our Chrome extension crafts outreach messages for candidates in no time based on their LinkedIn profile. […]
Flawless AI
Flawless is a company that is using advanced technology and artificial intelligence to revolutionize filmmaking. Their […]
Poe lets you ask questions, get instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations with AI. Powered by […]
Rephrase AI’s deep tech generative AI technology creates a professional-quality video with real human avatars for content […]
Outline Ninja
An automated infographic maker using A.I. Converts a keyword into an Infographic. It requires a keyword […]
Magic Form
With Magic Form, you only need to provide the text, and we will automatically create a […]
Artifact News
A personalized news feed driven by artificial intelligence. Currently in a private beta and requires users […]
Hidden Door
A new kind of social roleplaying experience, powered by narrative AI. Play to create new stories, […]
With @nolej_app, upload anything you are trying to learn – YouTube video, web URL, document, etc. […]

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