Scanner Go is all in one tools for- Comes with free cloud space. One of the […]
Whimsical AI
Whimsical uses AI-powered suggestions to help brainstormers break through creative blockages and come up with new […]
Magical’s AI Meeting Builder is a powerful suite of three tools built on the latest advanced […]
AI chatbot that gives direct answers to your WordPress questions, trained on all the official WordPress […]
Cmd J
Supercharge your productivity by using ChatGPT on any tab without hassle of copy-pasting with our easy-to-use […]
GenChat from GenForge is an artificial intelligence tool that helps users to quickly and efficiently summarize […]
Sheldon AI
Sheldon is an AI powered virtual assistant for all your tasks on the internet. It can […]
A Chrome Extension that uses AI to generate flashcards (with questions and answers) for any article […]
FGenEds provides users with cheat sheets for general education classes. It allows users to upload a […]
You can save images, links, notes, videos, quotes, PDFs, articles – anything you want to remember. […]
Capture you and your screen to clarify your points. Take and beautify screenshots you need for […]
Flowshot is the all-in-one AI toolkit that integrates with the workflows of 2 billion Google Sheets […]
AI Office Bot
Generate & Explain formulas with AI on Airtable, Google Sheets, or Excel. Also supports Creative Apps […]
Meetgeek helps maximize the value of meetings by automatically recording, summarizing, and sharing key highlights with […]
Mental Models AI
Easily understand mental models with AI. Navigate the complexities of life with greater clarity and purpose. […]

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