In the age of technological shift the avenues for learning in terms of self-development have never been richer. In the knowledge era, everyone with access to the internet has an opportunity of imbibing any information. Regardless if you have goals of getting a new job, there are numerous tools available today for education paths. Technology in education has made knowledge accessible within the confines of one’s home. There’s a revelation that has made education more flexible than ever. Below is a list of seven tips for successful self education using technology.

Online Classroom and Distance Learning

The rise of online courses has significantly changed education. These web-based platforms offer educational content in various fields, delivered by professors and academics from across universities. They provide a structured learning experience with detailed instructions, straightforward tasks and exercises, and the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Many courses are free or very affordable, costing just a few dollars. So, whether you want to master a foreign language, delve into the specifics of post-impressionism, or gain knowledge about effective project management, these platforms can equip you. Additionally, some platforms include forums and opportunities for peer interaction, fostering a sense of community and providing valuable feedback on your work, which can further enhance the learning process.

Learning Activities: Search for Open Educational Resources (OER).

The term Open Educational Resources (OER) is the teaching, learning, and research materials that are freely available to users through open licenses for use, adaptation, and repurpose. One good example is useful Brickfields Asia College resources, where you can find great materials on different topics. The integration of OER in learning not only improves quality but also helps reduce the barrier to learning because it is free of charge. If we incorporate an OER into your study schedule, it offers a vast pool of materials that can aid the enhancement of knowledge and the expansion of the academic outlook.

Utilize Educational Apps

A recent study has revealed that social, business, and informational applications that are available to download on smartphones or tablets can improve how students learn. You can learn many study tips. Mobile applications such as Duolingo for language learning, Khan Academy for other lessons, and Photomath for computations are programs particularly designed to be accessed through mobile devices and are fun ways to learn. These apps may employ trickery and use game-like aspects to encourage the users to stay on course and report their achievements at various points in time. This means special elements like points, levels, and rewards to ensure that it becomes less of a chore for children to learn as they engage in their play. This approach helps achieve motivation and the ability to constantly work, which will be especially important for learners who might experience difficulties in the process of studying with the help of conventional methods.

View/ Follow Educational YouTube Channels

It is not just another media site, but a virtual hub of information. Popular sources such as CrashCourse, TED-Ed, and SciShow present themselves as entertaining and reliable educational content on almost any subject. These casual educational videos are great for supplementing learning. They’re perfect for beginners in marketing or logo design. Videos are engaging and explain complex concepts well, making them a better choice than text-heavy media. This guide features teachers’ YouTube channels with playlists and series. These focused resources help viewers delve deeper into their chosen subjects.

Interact with Other Consumers in Forums and Discussion Lists

Self-motivated learners out there will attest to the fact that forums and online communities are very useful. Popular platforms for discussion exist nowadays including Reddit, Stack Exchange, or Quora, where people discuss almost everything that can be thought of. By participating in these groups, you can post questions, information, and experiences with others who have similar passions. Such platforms can also assist in support and motivation thus enabling you to find more attended learners. Asking questions and yawning follows hinder and enable you to get new ideas, which you might not have encountered in your life. Moreover, there is a great opportunity to consider new approaches and ideas since these communities are cooperative by nature, and this can help you enhance your problem-solving abilities.

The Appeal for Podcasts and Audiobooks

Audiobooks and podcasts are quite useful as learning instruments while traveling and performing other daily activities. The audio content covers diverse topics, including traffic updates during your daily commute, music when exercising, and more. Audio learning platforms like Audible or Apple Podcasts offer a vast library of audiobooks and lectures on nearly any topic. This format is ideal for multitasking – you can learn while commuting, doing chores, or even cooking. Storytelling is a common theme in these resources, and the narration makes it easier to grasp key points, making learning efficient and enjoyable.

Virtual and Augmented realities 

VR and AR are hot new tools for learning and training. Imagine experiencing a lesson through VR or using AR apps – way more engaging than textbooks or online videos! These technologies excel at explaining topics that benefit from visuals, like mechanical drawings or construction. Educators can use simulations to show spatial relationships, how systems work, or even hidden details. As VR and AR advance, they’ll become even more useful, changing how we learn completely.


Technology has revolutionized self-education, making it easier and more effective. Online courses, apps, OER, YouTube channels, forums, podcasts, audiobooks, and VR/AR applications empower you to pursue independent learning based on your interests. Embrace these and other advanced tools to unlock the endless learning possibilities of the internet age. Today, you have unmatched access to technology and information to fuel your personal growth, knowledge acquisition, and career fulfillment.

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