November 30, 2022, was the day Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer aka ChatGPT was launched. Later, it established the foundation for other AI tools like Midjourney.

Everything was fine, and people were like ‘Yeah. We have another so-called revolution in the tech space. So, what?’, until it showed its impeccable capabilities after a few major updates in the model.

ChatGPT blew up and turned out to be the-most-rapidly-growing consumer app in tech history. Google took a major hit as it lost a whopping $100 Billion in the market cap after the failed attempt to quickly regain its position as the major tech giant that can tussle with ChatGPT. 

Let alone corporates like Google, skepticism was in the air and still is in people’s minds as it can do just the work they can do in literally seconds. Writing emails, articles, and blogs, among others. 

So, the AI can only do the writable work and can’t be creative, right? I am afraid not. 

Generative AI tools like DALL-E and Midjourney have quickly depicted the creativity that AI can achieve. A prompt to these tools can give out about a similar end-product that a graphic designer will take an hour to create.

AI, for sure, is causing a ruckus among the people who see it as an alternative to themselves and not as a tool that can boost their efficiency. 

Can we AI-proof our future and career? Let’s roll on to the ways that can help you become resistant to the displacement in the job market that AI might cause in the future.

Stay Keen on Learning and Adapt

Do you think the founder of ChatGPT, Greg Brockman, paused his learning after he was victorious? No. 

If you look in the history books, successful people kept getting success after success. Their desire to learn more was a key factor in their voyage.

For sure, the progress in AI has altered the job market. If you search LinkedIn for jobs, you may find numerous job titles with the word ‘AI’ in them. To smoothly adjust to the newborn job market, make internet your learning buddy.

Multiple platforms like Skillshare, Coursera, and more have created courses that are focused on creating impact using AI. Be a self-educator and make sure you have an internet connection that can support you in making yourself AI-proof.

On such an account, Kinetic Internet is considered one of the most dependable ISPs in the US. They offer multiple plans that fit any budget. With a cherry on top, they have Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, so, there’s no stopping to your learning even on the go.

However, AI isn’t going to shut down anytime soon but what you can do is learn the new tech and use it to your advantage.

Boost Your Emotional Quotient (EQ)

You might have seen some screenshots of ChatGPT making hilarious jokes but it doesn’t make it emotionally sound at all.

AI is still a robot anyway. It will do just as it is told to do and it can’t replace the priceless emotional aspect possessed by humans. Being emotionally intelligent is an immensely valuable skill to have. Yes, it is a skill and it can’t be replaced.

Emotional intelligence is the base of effective leadership, flawless communication, and teamwork. It helps us humans recognize our own emotions and of the others around us. While anyone can be technically sound, and use AI to be efficient but empathy holds its worth.

A high EQ human can empathize with teammates and solve the problems that AI fails to solve. Everyone can be a manager or CEO for that matter, but only a few can be the leader. A leader is one who takes the business from a painstaking state to new heights.

The World doesn’t have enough leaders, so, learn to be emotionally intelligent and pave your way in the modern world of AI.

Standout from the Crowd

Why do people buy the too-expensive Rolex when a normal wristwatch can do just the same thing?

The brand and the ego boost that people get by wearing a Rolex is a huge motivational factor. Don’t get me wrong, their watches are marvelous but I hope you got the point.

In the same way, you can stand out from the rest by building your unique identity and brand. While small businesses might cut off the expenses by just accepting whatever ChatGPT or Midjourney has produced, the elite businesses will need the best of the bunch.

Anyone can create a Copy or a Logo using AI tools but why should the giants hire you?

That’s when your branding comes into play. Creating a unique story is a great way to sell your services.

So, make sure you’re the yellow in the group of greens.

Summing Up

So, what’s the bottom line? AI has taken a leap in the right direction and is advanced. But still, it’s not perfect. It makes mistakes and sometimes they are pretty horrendous. There shouldn’t be room for skepticism but the adaptability and learning.

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