SchoolAI helps teachers and schools save hours by automating mundane repetitive writing tasks. It is an AI writing tool that focuses on education and allows users to personalize their results. It can save teachers and schools hours each week by writing any kind of document for schools, including reports, lesson plans, marking, emails, brainstorms, quizzes, and more.

SchoolAI comes with the following modes:

  • Email/Letter Mode: Email / Letter mode lets you produce drafts fast. Choose your audience – children, parents, staff, etc. Write some details in the Description box and choose your Tone and Length.
  • Mark and Grade Mode: Let AI mark assignments, essays, and homework, quickly and easily. Simply paste the text to be marked into the ‘Document to mark’ box. Enter the target year group, subject, assignment title, and length of response then click Write!
  • Lesson Plan Mode: This new mode allows you to create lesson plans quickly and easily by entering a few details and selecting the length of the lesson. You can then go to Resource mode and create some of the resources that the lesson plan lists.
  • Quiz Create a quiz for any occasion. Enter a Description, target Year group, Subject, and Length.
  • Resource From Learn Plan: You can create learning resources such as handouts, or any text-based resource you can think of. If you create a lesson plan, try generating the suggested resources here.
  • Brainstorm Mode: Generate ideas for anything. Enter a description or keywords, year group/grade if relevant, and choose the length of your results.
  • Time saved: The Time Saved counter keeps track of how much time you would have spent writing, across the current document and all your previous documents.

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