Meet Arvin, the all-in-one AI resume and cover letter writer, AI writing tool for crafting captivating […]
Europe’s leading digital staffing platform. The name Freeday comes from the idea that everyone should be […]
Screen job candidates and find the best talent for the organization in no time! Extract information […]
Generates resignation letters for you. They have several examples on their site as well. Check out […]
AI-powered role-play that helps professionals become better versions of themselves. Develops leadership and interpersonal skills through […]
Wave AI
Wave Grow is a coaching website that provides infinite coaching and growth opportunities to professionals, executives, […]
Rezi is a new generation resume builder that completely eliminates the need to write your own […]
MgrWorkbench ai
Use the phenomenal power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to speed and simplify some of your most […]
Coach Marlee
Built by expert coaches & scientists, AI-powered Coach Marlee delivers personalized coaching that suits your unique […]
Coverler creates unique cover letters for every job you apply to in minutes. Just provide your […]
Job Description Generator
Effortlessly create job descriptions to attract applicants & referrals with Recrooit’s job description AI generator. After […] makes it simple for users to write cover letters tailored to particular jobs. Users can […]

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