When we think of AI tools for Fun, the first things that come to mind are job automation, algorithmic bias, etc. Yet, AI can also be put to use in a variety of fun and interesting ways. Here, we discuss the five fun AI tools you should use. These not only show how far AI has already progressed, but are also a good way to spend some time.

Top 5 AI tools

Let’s take a look at the 5 best AI tools for Fun.

  • RunwayML

RunwayML is an AI tool for fun. It allows you to try out various machine-learning models and use them to generate new creative results. One may use the tool to produce anything, including animations, 3D visuals, and music.

  • GPT-3 Language Models

GPT-3  (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 ) is a natural language processing artificial intelligence (AI) model. It assists in producing text responses that resemble those of humans. You can play with GPT-3 language models on platforms like AI Dungeon or Replika.

  • Deep Dream

Deep Dream is a deep neural network-powered image generator that modifies and creates images. As a computer vision research project, it was created by Google in 2015. It soon gained popularity among artists and enthusiasts as a tool for creating bizarre and psychedelic visuals.

  • Botnik

Botnik is an AI-powered platform that can produce unique and creative writing. It makes use of a large library of words and phrases. Before creating new content based on those patterns, the tool utilises algorithms based on machine learning to analyse the linguistic structure and patterns. One of the most popular Botnik features is the “Predictive Writer” tool, which allows you to enter a few words or phrases and then create a longer piece of writing based on those inputs.

  • Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is an AI tool for fun that lets you upscale and enhance the quality of digital photos using machine learning techniques. It may appear considerably finer and more detailed than low-quality or low-resolution photos, making it a pleasant tool to use. After using machine learning techniques to analyse the image’s patterns and structure, Let’s Enhance boosts the image’s resolution by adding extra pixels.


You may use these AI tools for fun for creative projects or even as ideas for your next one in addition to being entertaining to play around with. These products’ usage of AI shows the immense potential of machine learning and neural networks as well as the innovative and fascinating ways that AI can be used to better our lives.

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