Al tools for business have offered up a broad range of future ideas for businesses of all sizes around the world. Artificial intelligence (AI) is delivering enlightening insights and boosting many business operations like never before. Whether you are a freelancer managing a one-person operation or in the authority of several workers, here, we will be listing top Al tools that can strengthen your business operations.

Top 5 best AI tools

The following are the top 5 AI tools for business:

  • Tableau 

Tableau is the best AI platform that emphasises Business intelligence. It is a platform for information visualisation that enables businesses to forecast their industries and create business strategies. According to the company’s website, Tableau’s AI and augmented analytics technologies allow users to obtain insights from data more rapidly than they could through manual systems.

  •  Recorded Future

Recorded Future AI tool for business works as a threat intelligence system, helping businesses in predicting potential threats and decreasing their security risk. Machine learning is used by Recorded Future to easily determine any external challenges to the business and take some action. Its Web Intelligence Engine continuously analyses the web to find new dangers employing billions of stored data.

  • Murf

It is more difficult than it appears to record a voice-over for your video. Murf is one of the top text-to-speech AI developers at the present. You can take use of Murf’s realistic, high-quality AI voices on any device. After listening to audio samples of each voice, you could choose one to use, which can subsequently be altered using several voice-styling tools.

  • Optimove 

Optimove is a consumer data platform with Intelligence marketing capabilities. It facilitates organising the data from various sources so that one dashboard can provide a complete overview of all the information. Businesses could quickly select marketing strategies, analyse and share data

  • ManyChat

Manychat has developed itself as a significant player in the field of Ai – powered chatbots. It is simple to use and smartly made for marketing and sales. ManyChat focuses primarily on Facebook Messenger since they do promote Instagram Direct. Customers of the AI tool can come up with a bot within as few as 20 minutes without any programming skills.


These are only a few of the plethora of AI tools for business that are made accessible to businesses. Businesses must keep up to date on the most recent developments in AI due to the field’s constant evolution and select the solutions that are best appropriate for their requirements.